According to the words of the American President Donald Trump, the country is currently in a severe crisis On the southern border to Mexico, many immigrants, he said, were illegally in his speech to the Nation. Trump spoke once more of the criminal Gangs and drug smugglers. The U.S. citizens were in danger, especially women and children.

“At our southern border, there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis,” said Trump. “This is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.”

This crisis could be overcome, the appropriate means for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. It was the promise of one of the Trumps of the Central election campaign, but the funding is there for months dispute. The last escalated once again: Trump calls by the opposition Democrats of 5.7 billion dollars for the construction of the wall. The reject the. In the Wake of the budget dispute led to the so-called Shutdown, so the part of the government to a standstill. The lasts now for almost three weeks (read more here).

Video of the Shutdown: “This is a cascade of problems,”


In his speech, Trump was, once again, the Democrats for the Shutdown is responsible. He invited them to a swift agreement in the dispute. The wall was “absolutely crucial” for border security.

In the run-up to his speech, Trump was drawn publicly into consideration, the national state of emergency in the country. So he could enforce the construction project against the resistance of the Democrats in the Parliament. But so far it did not. Trump appealed to the Democrats and the Congress, the dispute quickly resolved. The state of emergency he imposed.

On Wednesday, wants to meet with Trump Republican senators to discuss the issue. For Thursday, a trip to the border region is planned.

Schumer and Pelosi

The democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and her party colleague, Senator Chuck Schumer, accused Trump to fabricate a crisis situation. Much of what you’ve heard from Trump during the Government shutdown, was filled with false information, and even malice, said Pelosi. Both called on Trump in her televised speech, to stop the government to a standstill.


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