The Deutsche Bahn and the EVG trade Union agreed in collective conflict. There is a conclusion, confirmed by both sides in Berlin-a report by the Bavarian broadcasting company. Details of the agreement announced in the collective bargaining parties in the morning in Berlin. Further Strikes are averted, the parties to a collective agreement, according to.

On Monday, the ballast had been placed with a four-hour warning strike large parts of the railway to a standstill. Millions of commuters were affected. After the recusal of the train presented a new offer. However, how high is the for the approximately 160,000 in the toe-organized workers demanded wage increase fails.

As the train drivers ‘ Union GDL had called for EVG 7.5 percent more content and the Development of the 2016 election model is agreed in the Employees between wage increase and shorter working hours and more holidays to choose from.

term as a sticking point

While there is with the EDC agreement, the collective bargaining with the GDL on Friday, however, again failed. Since a train strike in 2015, the agreed procedure, the GDL can strike themselves immediately. Other than the toe, you should try, therefore, only mediation. In addition, the GDL from the castle, for its part, already work stoppages until the end of the year. At least around Christmas strikes can affect rail traffic.

Before the toe-warning strike, the railway had initially offered a salary increase in two stages: 2.5% starting in March 2019 and a further 2.6 per cent from January 2020, a one-off payment of 500 euros, with a contract term of 29 months. The GDL had in addition to the wage, plus a term of 24 months required, the ECG is called, however, no Desire of life. The longer the term of a contract is, the lower the effective wage increases for a year.

The improved offer of the railway on Wednesday for both trade unions was, according to the GDL-boss Claus Weselsky in the first stage, a wage increase of 3.2 per cent – however, in the case of a term of 34 months.


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