the Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) wants to extend Rent control for five years. Barley announced in the spring of a corresponding design.

Because Rent control has mitigated the rent explosion in the three years since its introduction, according to a study, easily. “Here, where Rent control applies, slows the increase in Rents,” said Barley. However, the effect is only of the order of two to four percent, said study author Claus Michelsen from the German Institute for economic research (DIW). Without Rent control inventory would be to rent in popular residential areas, two to four percent higher.

At the same time, the price of led brake according to the DIW, but that the Rent for new buildings, which are excluded from the scheme, stronger than before. DIW expert Michelsen said that it was worth now but also to invest in new buildings. In municipalities with Rent control have positive effects on the number of new, for the construction of approved dwellings detect.

Rent control was introduced in June 2015, the rapidly rising Rents to contain popular residential areas. Your core is that the rent must not, in the case of new leases more than ten percent of the so-called local comparative rent. There are exceptions in the case of new buildings, renovations, or if the rent of the previous tenant was already higher. Tenant associations criticise that many landlords keep to the regulation. Also, local associations doubt the effect.

“the Situation in the cities remains tense,”

Barley, however, was satisfied with the effect. At the same time, they emphasized, however, that Rent control alone could not cure the market. “The Situation in the cities is still tense,” she said. In addition, more new construction and more social housing was needed.

Since the introduction of the price are dozens and dozens of tenants, brake – especially in Berlin – against their landlord dragged before the court. In about three out of four cases, they were, according to the Ministry of justice at least partially successful. An evaluation of all of the courts of published procedure, according to the plaintiff were able to reduce their rent, thus an average of 167 euros, and in extreme cases even to 650 Euro.

According to the cities and Gemeindebunds the rental price curing brake only the symptoms of an ailing housing market. “Abolish it would certainly not be the wrong step”, said Norbert Portz, town planning expert of the Association. He did not see any quantifiable improvement, at the same time, the ratio of tenants and landlords will be charged.

to screw Instead of further to the rental price brake is required to carry out the Federal responsibility in social housing stronger. “The best development is when the municipality itself builds,” said Portz. Often land there be, but the municipalities would not turn, because private owners wanted to sell.

At the same time, Metropolitan areas need to be relieved. “We will not be able to solve the Problem of the housing shortage alone in the big cities,” said Portz. In order to motivate citizens to move to the country, but a jobs – for example, through digitisation – in the rural areas


be shifted

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