Several Suspects have apparently spied on the Stuttgart airport. Meanwhile, there are suspicions that the incident could have a terrorist Background. At least one of the Suspects, according to information of the news Agency dpa as an Islamist threat.

in Total, police are looking for four persons. Safety circuits confirmed the dpa appropriate information. Previously, the südwestrundfunk (SWR) had reported about it. Two of the Wanted were father and son and originated from North Rhine-Westphalia. They had already noticed last week, the French police, as they did at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport photos from the Terminal.

according to the SWR report, the two men were spotted at the airport in Stuttgart. They could be identified, therefore, on the basis of video recordings. The competent police headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany, did not want to comment on the report. The investigation of the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s office, which is not expressed but, on request of the dpa.

The daily news reported similarly about the case, and speaks of “concrete” Indications of the Moroccan secret service. Accordingly, there are plans for a suicide attack in the German-French border area of an airport. The Moroccan secret service, also called name.

media report: Federal police warns all major German airports

The above mentioned names fit according to the report, the two persons – father and son – you want to have in Paris and then in Stuttgart airports spied on. This would have resulted in a Review of the vehicle, which had used the two men.

According to the “daily show” and handed over to Moroccan authorities, chat logs between a total of four people to the German investigators. The report, quoting from it: “you can lead a war against Islam, my brothers and I are here to fight you.” And more: “Will I be alone?” The answer was: “no, we are more!”

Because of the spying attempts have been tightened at the Stuttgart airport were also at the airports of Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and Mannheim, the safety precautions, however, as purely a precautionary measure. The “image”newspaper reported, moreover, that the Federal police have now issued a warning to all 14 major airports. This had been sensitised accordingly,””.


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