children are in their development is very different. Some of them can already read in Kindergarten and others have, in turn, deal no Lust with Numbers and letters.

The selection of books for first readers is immense. So that you can find in the books-the jungle better, we have compiled for you some of the works that you can read together with your child.

“reading Raven” with three levels of learning

first books reading with the reading Raven tell easy to understand stories that are adapted into Text and can be optimally adapted to the respective reading level. Because between the ages of 6 and 8 years happened in the development of a child in terms of his preferences, habits and needs of a lot of.

Also, the reading learning process is very different. Therefore, there is for each reader age range: While in the 1. Reading level reward stickers for reading motivate, promote 2. The reading level of the text questions the reading comprehension. In the 3. Reading level the reading will be trained competence through advanced vocabulary. Henri had to deal with a real jewel thief, master detective Benjamin Katz is a Ghost on the track, and the unlikely detective pair Sniff & Sniff on the search for the missing budgie, a friendly parakeet.

Tricky detective stories, 1. Reading level, buy now at Amazon! (5,00 Euro) the Best offer on Amelie often plays alone on the sea. One day, Onno appears, a small Dolphin. A wonderful friendship begins. At once Onno has disappeared without a trace. If something happened to him?

My friend, the Dolphin, 2. Reading level, buy now at Amazon! (3,99 euros) The Rich and give to the poor, so Robin hood’s principle was. This book tells the story of his adventures, his adversaries and allies.

Robin Hood, king of the forests, 3. Reading level, now at Hugendubel buy! (7,99)

Save now with the latest vouchers by FOCUS Online and our Partner in saving the world Now, money for books and save! “Reading lions” divided into four stages

For pre-school children without their own experience of reading the images on mouse texts delivers to the vignette principle: the key words are replaced by small vignettes. So the child can look in the book and at that point the illustrative shown, the main word is “read”. The slipcase contains three double volumes from the popular series reading lion to the themes tab, holiday and horses, pirates and treasure hunters, as well as school and school friends.

“buy The most exciting stories for beginning readers” now at Amazon! (9,99 euros)

The number of “I stand for you, you for me” is aimed at children, the first reading have a lot of experience, but still at the beginning of the reading learning process: A parent or more experienced reader takes the Part of the narrator, and the child reads the role of the main character.

It is aimed, is worked alternately with two different font sizes, so that the can prepare first-time reader in peace on his part. Numerous illustrations serve as the visual retelling of the story, and arouse the attention of the children. The siblings Ben and Lilly are aghast: her parents want to give all the animals to another farm, because they are too expensive! But then the brilliant idea comes to you: From the farm into a Hotel. Now, all lend a hand and soon the first guests are arriving to spend their holidays on the animal farm.

“I for you, you for me – holidays on the animal farm” buy now at Amazon! (7,95 EUR)

In the series “reading tiger” can be applied in a richly illustrated short stories first, reading skills and deepens. The Text is sometimes also shown in the image scene develop. As a result, the children of the 1 know. Grade a quick read of success that motivates you at the same time, to achieve the next higher reading level. yikes, what is that? The children of class 2b will not believe your eyes! Inga, the new student, bring your own elephant into the classroom.

And that’s not all: Suddenly, hippos are flying around everywhere and the chalk makes on the Board independently. Can conjure Inga?

reading tiger – The enchanted class room, buy now at Amazon! (7,95 EUR)

The series “reading pirates” is aimed at the experienced reader of seven years.

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