The experimentation will not take place. Contrary to what we wrote on Saturday, 27 October morning, picking up incorrect information of the Agency France-Presse (AFP), the national Assembly has ruled out Friday the possibility for pharmacists to provide drugs to medical prescription mandatory.

The text, studied in the framework of the draft law of financing social Security (PLFSS) for 2019, provided for an experiment in two regions for three years. It was “to allow the French to more easily access the care they need based on the skills of the individual,” explained the member of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Delphine Bagarry (The Republic in march, LRM), the origin of the amendment rejected.

“Respect for the trades”

Several deputies of the right and the left, however, were interviewed on ” the respect of the professions “. The doctors, who already had to resign themselves to seeing the licensed pharmacists to immunize adults against influenza – what they had fought at the time of the act health Marisol Touraine in 2015 –, saw in this experiment a new stage of the ” sellout of the profession “, according to the formula of MG France, the first union of general practitioners, who denounced a ” confusion of roles “.

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