The candidate for the CDU Chairman Friedrich Merz does not want to, that his party has moved further to the left. “We don’t have to take on all of the items on the find the social Democrats are right,” said the former Union Leader at the fifth regional conference in Böblingen. The question is whether the CDU also wants to be in the future a liberal, conservative and social Beliefs of space-giving party. Merz received for his speech, a big round of applause. The long-time leader Angela Merkel had accused Conservatives in the party repeatedly, to have the CDU to the left moved.

Merz referred to the significant vote losses of the Union parties at the time of the election to the Bundestag and the Landtag elections in Bavaria and Hesse. “We can and we must set the Trend with all your strength.” This meant that the CDU admit openly that you’ve taken in the past few years, “uncomfortable questions” of society to a sufficient degree. The CDU positions had not been clear enough. The party had left many people with their Worries and fears, a piece of far alone.

its rival, the CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, admitted that the party has not taken care of sufficiently in recent years to problems in the society. You said at the regional conference, people had the feeling that the party had Concerns and “legitimate Fears” are not enough taken up.

“Then we should not be surprised when those same people are looking for parties, of which at least they have the impression that you take care of it,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer, with a view on the AfD. “This is the failure of the last few years, if you want to talk about failure.” You say the open and self-critical, because she was in the leadership bodies of the party.

third applicant, Jens Spahn is also a responsibility of his party, “because we have lost confidence in the fact that problems have not been concretely resolved.” Spahn also called the way, the CDU debated or not debated. “I think it’s important that, in debates, the counter-argument is appreciated and will be weighed.” Thus, there is now a Chance that the AfD voters to recover and to let the AfD go.

Spahn, urged that the Federal government should use the space at a new game in the Federal budget a priority, to invest and to relieve the citizens. “The solos have to and can get away,” he said. His young age he looks in his application, not as a disadvantage, on the contrary: “It is perhaps part of the problem for the CDU, that is, 38 is still young.”

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