In the case of Harley-Davidson were proud to be the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world – or at least a slogan: World’s leading manufacturer of lightweight motor vehicles advertising promised in the fifty years once .

Long ago: the end of the year 2018, the longer troubled US group has come under further pressure. Weak sales particularly in the US home market, revenues in the fourth quarter compared with the previous year’s value by around nine percent to nearly $ 960 million (835 million euros) to decrease. The net profit broke even from 8.3 to 0.5 million dollars – a decrease of 94 percent.

Harley booth 2018 due to planned relocation of Production abroad temporarily in the permanent fire of criticism from US President Donald Trump, who had called last August for a Boycott of the more than 115-year-old brand.

another Problem is the ageing of the conservative clientele, with younger people, Harley has a difficult position. Although the manufacturer tried to E-bikes and other new products, a reboot is the Outlook cloudy. For 2019 Harley to a maximum of 222,000 out is supplied machinery to the lowest level in eight years.

Though the expectations were not high to begin with, the first-quarter figures, investors bad: the stock fell in pre-market by more than seven percent. In the past twelve months, the rate has decreased already by more than 30 percent.

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