A week before the runoff election in Brazil ended on Sunday, supporters of the right-wing populist presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro in almost 60 cities took to the streets. In São Paulo, Bolsonaro was via live stream on big screens.

In the Trump style, he rushed against his rival of the leftist workers party, announced, “to sweep the red bandits of the map”, and railed against the “Folha de São Paulo”. The newspaper is “the biggest Fake News of Brazil,” said Bolsonaro.

Earlier, it was revealed the newspaper scandal of hundreds of thousands have purchased the wrong messages on WhatsApp in the election campaign. Entrepreneurs, the support Bolsonaro, should have hired the digital marketing agencies in order to spread mass Fake News, in WhatsApp groups.

The goal: With a major online campaign shortly before the decisive vote on may 28. October mood to make against the labour party PT, and their presidential candidate, Fernando Haddad. The contracts with the company amount in the report in the “Folha de São Paulo” , on each of 12 million Reais, the equivalent of 2.8 million euros.

Jair Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro-opponent sees the “lie factory” at the factory

The accusation is important because the financing of election campaign advertising by companies is forbidden in Brazil. Bolsonaros rival Fernando Haddad spoke after the publication of “a lie factory,” and called for a clarification of the “lie-Tsunamis”.

“My opponent is relying on electoral fraud to gain an advantage,” says Haddad. Him would be involved in information, 156 entrepreneurs adhere to the mass distribution of the WhatsApp messages.

Bolsonaro has the responsibility for WhatsApp-campaigns – he had not given it in order. “We don’t need to do such a thing, because the PT is not sufficient in Form, against you as the winner to emerge,” he defends himself in a YouTube Interview with the title: “Against Fake News: the truth”.

the criticism of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is locked with delay Profiles that were associated with the four digital agencies for the mass transit. In addition, the Facebook subsidiary has sent to the service providers, reprimands, to stop the campaigns immediately.

However, there is now a massive criticism of the service. The Supreme electoral authority has launched an investigation into possible vote-rigging. Also, the Federal police set out to examine how digital agencies of mass WhatsApp messages were sent, with reference to the two presidential candidates.

Bolsonaros rival Fernando Haddad

Both the Left and the fight for rights in the Brazilian election campaign with dirty Tricks and WhatsApp has become the most important online front in the election campaign. 120 million Brazilians make use of the Messenger service, Brazil is WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest markets. In this election campaign, so many false news were spread like never before, Social networks are daily flooded with rumors, manipulated Videos, Audios and photos.

It was a photograph of a brutally beaten woman circulates, for example, allegedly supporters of the labour party were the aggressors. The photo, however, comes from a deceased actress.

After the knife attack on Bolsonaro in the election campaign, rumors that the attack was staged circulated. Left-wing supporters shared photos of a smiling candidate for proof – but they were from the time before the attack.

That manipulated messages could be a Problem for the elections, fears of media groups. Therefore, 24 Brazilian media have joined forces in the Initiative “Comprova”, to identify Fake News.

WhatsApp in Brazil: Fake News spread rapidly.

However, news spread False in the election campaign quickly. The seemingly personal tone and private context in the case of WhatsApp users, especially vulnerable to believe that messages are authentic. “WhatsApp is the biggest Problem in these elections,” said Cristina Tardáguila, founder of the Factchecking Agency Agência Lupa. Critics such as Tardáguila demand that WhatsApp is limited before the runoff election in Brazil, the size of groups and the number of possible forwarders.

A day after the scandal of the purchased bulk Fake News has Brazil’s electoral authority TSE 100.000 WhatsApp-Profile locks, which sent the wrong messages, false information and other Spam. This son of the presidential candidate and the politician himself, was also briefly blocked the account of Flavio Bolsonaro,. “The persecution knows no bounds,” he suggested on Twitter.

Jair Bolsonaro self-stylized itself the victim of a conspiracy of the media and the Left. The scandal has not hurt him:

In the social network celebrated Bolsonaro Fans him with phrases like “I am one of the helpers and don’t need the money” or “I’m doing free Marketing” even more vehement than before. One of the entrepreneurs to have financed the sending of WhatsApp messages, called for a counter-attack on the journalists. The phone number of a journalist, he published on Twitter.

As for the US elections could also be in Brazil, an outsider with populism and questionable campaigns in social networks to the President trusted. Bolsonaro was the last survey conducted by the opinion research Institute Datafolha to the vote intention, with 59 percent of the front. His rival Haddad wanted to choose only 41 percent of the respondents.

supporters of the Left suspect that the former Trump adviser Steve Bannon is behind the campaign of Jair Bolsonaro, also because his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, even before the hot phase of the election campaign with Steve Bannon has made.

He had to do with Bannon’s nothing, denied the presidential candidate: “it’s All Fake News.”

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