Henning Lambertz ceases to be surprising as the chief national trainer of the German swimmers. As the German swimming Federation announced, the 48-Year-old at the end of the year after six years of his office. to be

“A caring family man and a good head coach, is hardly possible,” said Lambertz. “It was in the last few years, so that it was of concern to a lot of. I am a good half of the year, not at home, and even if I was home, I was constantly on the move.”

After arduous efforts at reform back in the Chaos

It is the next low blow for the DSV, which has fallen after two years of painstaking efforts at reform once again into Chaos. Just a few days ago President Gabi Dörries was kicked surprisingly, because some national associations did not want to decide on after more than 30 years, first-time increase in the member contribution of 60 cents to an annual rate of 1.40 Euro. Another reason for Lambertz, in the midst of the world Cup season to stop.

“I’ve always said that I want to do this with Gabi. We have shared the same visions and ideas,” said Lambertz: “If it’s with Gabi, then.”

as a reminder: in 2016, was returned to the DSV without medals of the Olympic Games. For the second Time after London 2012. DSV President Christa Thiel announced his intention to not seek re-election fight. With almost 90 percent of the vote was determined in November, Gabi Dörries as the successor. Against the Background of the planned performance, sports reform, it was started as a reformer of the lying on the ground swimming sports. She was always behind the recently harshly criticized the national coach.

No successor until 2020

you can select A successor for Dörries, as well as for Vice-President Andrea Thiel house, which was entered whether the obstructionist attitude of some of the DSV-members are also back, until next year. A new national coach should not give it in the first place. “Thomas Kurschilgen (new floating-performance-sports Director; d. ed.) want to go with a Team from Tokyo up to the Games in 2020.” A Team, for the coach as the experts are scheduled as well as the Association Manager for newly installed Christian Hirschmann.

On this Team to professional sports, as well as the administrative duties of the national coach are to be distributed. And because of this, Teams Lambertz also sees no Problem in the end of the year to stop, instead of creating a transition phase, and remained until the 2019 world Championships in South Korea in office. “The world Cup is not important for me. If so, then I would have stayed to Tokyo. But then I would be after that, probably without a family.”


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