Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job-log” telling people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“If I come, there is usually Chaos. Regardless of whether my shift starts at ten in the morning or in the afternoon: If there are offers, is going to shake the table, the clothes on the floor and the wardrobe is full of rubbish.

I, as the seller of a large German warehouse chain work. Our clothes, the Laundry, the shoes actually stand for quality. But in the meantime, we have an image problem. The customer ramschen everything together and behave is impossible. This is a H&M mentality that is now arrived in the Department stores.

for example, a 20 percent discount on Jackets, Offer the customer to storm almost in a panic. While the woman pulls on a coat stand coats of the iron, over shouts at her husband that there are over here even better. So she’s throwing the clothes haphazardly on the rod and the Chaos takes its course.

And then the customer will not be aggressive, if you find your size immediately. They want everything immediately and now.

In the locker room is left the goods then simply. Bras for 70, 80 euros, which I try on, I hardly dare to land on the ground and wide traipsing. And the next customer comes in and just throws his stuff to say instead of even know.

Tears, such as the vandals, but please take the three parts with!

We can’t keep up but barely. Often, we are only the two of us on 980 square meters. While my colleague tries the dressing room to clean up, I will hang Ironing, arrange the walmart new or discount signs. But I’m actually in for a consultation.

Sometimes I call quite nice in the space: ‘Hello, ladies and gentlemen, someone has a wish, can I help you?’, almost like a market crier. But my service I will not give up in the Chaos. This is my vocation, I’ve learned. I am here to work with the clientele to stand in your and to sell you something. This is inside of me.

However, on special days, like Black Friday, shops are open on Sundays, or to the Advent of a change in thinking is taking place even in the case of me: Tears, such as the vandals, but please take the three parts with!

The competition among colleagues grows

these days you can get through only with a good Team. The sound is among us ladies is actually good, but the pressure is also with us. We have to adhere to a control ratio. Measured on the yellow stickers that I glue the customers to the goods. I am not angry, because it is impractical to do: The customer comes back with his anprobierten pants Yes to me. Generally, I have supported very much, but not glued.


Below us colleagues leads to quarrels, when one of my sticks only to the wardrobe, to use instead of, or clean up.

I always say: do not Let yourselves be divided. Let a thick skin grow and will not lose just the fun. But I also have a permanent job and can understand if the colleague with the time of the contract.

in the Mornings in a different Department

ordered, We are now so few staff that we sellers must work across departments. It may be that I’m am pure and my Boss sent me in the Laundry. I have not learned this. If a customer realizes that you have no idea, you find yourself in a Stress – and you may not. As the anger comes, then: To incorporate me. It will be saved at the wrong End.

If the shops would have the courage, you could change the opening Hours. The German sits anyway, to 18 hours, at the dinner table. Why do we have to do for the few customers for another two hours, I do not understand. Light, cashiers, vendors, Security – all of this you could save here.

The whole day on the legs

Instead, the retail is still in action. Percentages, Percentages, Percentages. So he’s ruining your self the prices. The margins, and the losers will be the workers are sinking. An easy seller for the sixth year earned almost 2,300 gross, which is well below the Tariff. However, a wage increase, we no longer even need to hope.

this is really a strenuous Job, you can make it through in good shoes. As the seller, you stand and walk all day. Our trainees are begging in the first three weeks: ‘Please, may I sit down?’ But we remain hard: ‘you have to learn!’ I have great respect for all are the full-time. I can’t do this, and I have only a half-time position.

the cold comes. Many to freeze because the temperature is set according to the needs of the customer. The come with a scarf and hat in the house.

NAP in the stairwell

For me, the music sound worst. On each floor different is performing something out of the boxes. This is psychological stress, if you don’t hear all the time, what you like.

during the breaks, I pull myself back sometimes to the staircase. There I rest really, and keep to the stages to take a NAP. Ten Minutes. Then my body collapses, I stop and it goes on. In the evening, I’m still very tired. In the train I have to watch that I fall asleep.

Despite all of this, I like my Job. But I think the customer feels that the retail sector is not guided with love. It’s simply a question of profits. These negative energies, the leakage from the top of the management by the employees, the customers. And then there is just Chaos.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.