Exactly 56 years after the signing of the Élysée Treaty Germany and France have sealed a new Pact of friendship. In the coronation hall of the historical Aachen city hall, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of Emmanuel Macron have put their signatures under the German-French Treaty.

Merkel, speaking prior to the signing of a day for the relations between the two countries. With the Treaty of friendship was renewed as the “Foundation of cooperation between our countries”, said the Chancellor. He was a common response to rising populism and nationalism.

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negotiators of the two governments had agreed in the course of Monday on a list of about 15 projects, the implementation of which should be immediately addressed. It contains, among other things, the project, which is a security risk to the nuclear power plant Fessenheim criticized – the oldest in France – in close proximity to the German border to shut down (read more about it here, what is the “Treaty of Aachen”).

On the 22. January 1963, signed in Paris by the then Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and President Charles de Gaulle after centuries of enmity, the first German-French friendship Treaty – the so-called Élysée Treaty. The new “Treaty of Aachen” now stipulates that both countries will intensify their cooperation in the European policy and in armaments projects and for a common Foreign and security policy.

Merkel and Macron warn of dangers for Europe

“We reaffirm that we want to address the great challenges of our time, Hand in Hand,” Merkel said. This is due to the long period of rivalry and Wars between the two countries is not, of course. The German-French friendship is now deeply rooted in the two companies. “The story has taken a twist that could not have been for us to be happier.”

Macron appealed to the Germans and the French, their responsibility for Europe. The two core EU countries would have to also have “the way,” said the 41-Year-old.

About four months before the European elections, the French President warned of the dangers to the UK of the EU module outlet and the nationalism. Macron praised explicitly in his speech, Chancellor Merkel, who have always stood by France and Europe.


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