Two weeks after the beginning of a partial Government shutdown in the United States, the efforts to find a solution to the crisis continued. Discussions under the leadership of Vice President Mike Pence brought in on Saturday no discernible progress.

Official Statements of the Parties it was not after the end of the conversation in Washington. The two-hour long talks, representatives from both parties in Parliament, as well as Trump had a son, Jared Kushner, and homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen-in-law participated. (Read here, what Trumps age opponent Mitt Romney is planning.)

President Donald Trump, which calls for five billion dollars for the construction of a border wall to Mexico, took to Twitter once again to his Position and called on the Democrats, on his swing: “The Democrats could solve the Shutdown Problem in a very short time,” wrote Trump. The wall will be urgently needed. Last year tonnes of drugs were seized and about 17,000 Criminals have been arrested.

Trump threatens with the construction of the wall without Congress approval

in The budget dispute shuts down for two weeks in parts of the U.S. government. Hundreds of thousands of government holidays are agents in forced or you will need to work without salary. Shortly before Christmas, a budget was entered into lock for several ministries in power, because it is not on time a budget law for these areas, it was decided. Including the home’s protection Ministry, which handles border security.

After meeting on Friday with representatives from the US Congress had threatened Trump with a standstill of the government in the concerned ministries for months, or even years. “I don’t think it would come to this, but I’m prepared,” he said. Trump threatened that he could build the wall if necessary, without the consent of the Congress, if he “would impose a national state of emergency due to the security of our country”.

“Think of yesterday”

“I can do That, if I want to,” he commented. “We can impose a national emergency and they very quickly build. This is another way to do it. But if we can make it through a negotiation process, we will give it a try.”

The newly elected Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said that the talks with Trump on Friday, in part controversial, she saw, but also possible progress. Trump said it was a very productive Meeting.

The opposition Democrats now in the majority in the house of representatives – have repeatedly pointed out to not on trump’s claim will also be asked to provide money for the construction of a border wall in Mexico. The Democrats do not hold the construction of a wall or of a steel border fence is not the appropriate means to secure the 2000-mile long land border with the neighbouring state. Pelosi said it was “Think of yesterday”.

Trump argues, however, that the wall construction was necessary in order to prevent illegal border crossings of drugs, criminals, human traffickers and terrorists. The construction of the wall was one of the key election campaign promise Trumps. The demand for the construction of the Berlin wall and the subsequent assertion that Mexico will pay for it, was almost to a cult while Trumps events in the presidential campaign of 2016.


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