This actually have on concert tickets to specialized companies, CTS Eventim in future is rise, together with the Austrian toll system provider Kapsch TrafficCom, the controversial toll for Cars in Germany. The order had a volume of almost two billion Euro and over at least twelve years, informed the company.

For the Online ticket marketers and Festival organiser CTS Eventim, the collection of tolls would be a new field of business, and the largest single order in the company’s history. A prerequisite for a final award is that no other bidders until 30. December opposing the award of remedies.

The toll for Cars is not only within Germany are controversial. The Netherlands and Austria had complained against their introduction. You can see in the toll to discrimination against foreign motorists. First of all all the vehicle to pay the holder the fee. German car drivers should, however, be relieved about the car tax, and as a result, no additional costs.

The European Commission had closed its proceedings due to a potential discrimination of foreigners. “The Car comes toll in this legislature”, said the German transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) after the award of the contract to Eventim and Kapsch. “The technical and organisational implementation, and the structure of the systems can now start concretely.”

the costs and Benefits of tolls are controversial, a start date for the planned electronic Vignette is still there. According to information available to the MIRROR, the benefits so far, especially the Consultants on the project Between 2017 and 2019, the Ministry of transport expects multi-million dollar fees for law firms, accountants and experts.

government Gazette/Reuters

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