in short, not easy to find, more and more players “out of clubs,” difficulties to find an opponent to its measure… to Play tennis, when you find yourself alone with your racket, can sometimes be likened to a small way of the cross. A heresy, when one knows that France has around 4 million players, of which a little less than a million of graduates. It is this observation that is the basis for the launch of Tie Break, the app that aims to connect players orphans of partners.

“Tinder” in tennis

A basic construct that is reminiscent of Tinder. The image of the application meetings, a Tie-Break, you can “match” of potential partners according to a variety of criteria : level, age, sex, geo-location, preferred clubs or even availability. The application then provides a list of corresponding profiles, with the availability of transit and the possibility of direct contact.

To give a good shot of old in the small ad’s traditional players could post on sites like Tennis-Contact or on the input board of the tennis club. “And then, it is often much less complete,” adds Alexis Jamin, the founder of Tie Break. “This is going to give you, basically, simply the players who live near you. “For the young entrepreneur, the issue goes beyond that : in the image of the american Strava, he wants to create a true community of interest, around the tennis court, in relying on this principle of the relationship.

” One wishes to evolve the application and add “gamification”, the introduction of challenges, a point system can be, ” he says, insisting on the concept of sharing. “Having a tool connected is no longer enough. Today, people are eager to share what they are doing. Their score, their fastest service… And traditional social networks are not designed for this, either Facebook or Instagram. “The idea, rather wisely, has in any case appealed to the public, evidenced by the campaign of crowdfunding, launched on the platform KissKissBankBank. They are no less than 105 contributors who have met the 20 000 euros needed for the launch of the project.

The deposit of Paul-Henri Mathieu

The support of Paul-Henri Mathieu has allowed Tie-Break to give himself the means of its ambitions. “Paul-Henri is not a mere ambassador,” insists Alexis Jamin. “He opens doors, he comes to the meetings, what a player on the circuit would not have the time to do that. And then, it has helped to give credibility to the project, this is a true argument from authority. “

Retired since a few months, the French brings his expertise on the state of health of the clubs, which he believes that they too must benefit from the input of the application. “I am aware that the desertion of the clubs and the loss of graduates is a real problem “, he says, motivated by his desire to make what tennis has given him. “When I started, there was a real-life club,” says PHM. “Everybody knew each other. We could spend the weekend at the club, and there was not this problem to find opponents. “A finding that the legitimate, therefore, the existence of the application.

“We want communities to be found on Tie Break, make a social network tennis, or even try to develop a part of the event to facilitate the grouping of these communities,” says Mathieu, stressing the importance of reinvigorating the clubs, but also to modernize structures often ageing.

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