travelers need to count on Tuesday with massive restrictions at eight German airports. Reason a one-day warning strike of the security personnel, to which the Union is Ver.di called. The following Airports are affected: Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig/Halle, Dresden, Erfurt, Hannover-Langenhagen, Bremen, Hamburg, and Munich.

The security people in Frankfurt to lay down the work from 2 to 20 clock , announced that the trade Union in Berlin. At the airport, Leipzig/Halle , the strike will affect the time between 4 and 18 clock . Dresden : Here is to strike the staff of 3 to 21 PM and Erfurt of 6 to 22 PM . At the airport Hannover-Langenhagen and Bremen called Ver.di approximately 700 Employees of the security personnel on a 24-hour warning Strikes, which will begin on Tuesday 0 PM . A one-day strike in Hamburg in the night from Monday to Tuesday midnight . In Munich 350 employees of 3:30 > in the Early in the evening, called for work stoppages

According to the airport Association ADV, the warning strike will take a minimum of 220,000 passengers. On the occasion of the ongoing labor dispute, the unions for the nation’s 23,000 employees in the area of passenger, cargo, personnel, and control at the airports were calling for a single payment.

Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt, Ver were the trade unions.di and DBB already on Friday for a strike called.

What is the subject of the wage dispute

Ver.di calls for the inspectors and for the airport employees, a nationwide unified payment of 20 euros per hour. That would be a Plus in the high two-digit percentage range – at the moment, payment is depending on the Region and activity.

The employer think that is unrealistic, they provide, according to its own representation, a Plus of up to 6.4 per cent. For Ver.di this is too little – according to the calculation of the trade-Union that would be only a Plus of two percent for the majority of the employees.

Four existing collective bargaining remained the rounds were inconclusive. Both sides want the 23. January continue to negotiate.

on Thursday had been cancelled due to the warning Strikes of security personnel at the three airports of Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, more than 600 flights. Tens of thousands of passengers were affected. On Monday, the security personnel had been placed at the two Berlin airports.

How the reactions to the strike announcements?

The renewed strike call had become necessary because of the Federal Association of the aviation security company (BDLS) have responded to the previous warning Strikes “with a negotiable offer,” said Ver.di-negotiator, Benjamin Roscher. DBB-negotiators Volker Geyer commented: “The employers with their blockade attitude, unfortunately, no other choice.”

“The Union continues to call for stubborn 20 Euro per hour for all employees and damages with the totally escalating strike action, passengers, airports and airlines solid,” countered BDLS negotiators Rainer friebert houses. “The unions overstepped the mark with these measures is increasing.”

The managing Director of the airport Association ADV, Ralph Beisel, criticized Verdi sharply: “It is irresponsible of Verdi, the strikes to the point of Excess to expand.” The Federal Association of the German air traffic economy (BDL) said the same thing: “This is not a warning strike more, this is completely disproportionate,” chief Executive Matthias von Randow. Bear the brunt of this action, the Association alleged that the passengers, but also the airports and airlines.

Ver.di back played the Ball on Sunday at the request of the German press-Agency of the employer: It is the hardship for the passengers aware of it, a spokeswoman said. You referred to but at the same time, the fact that the trade unions have announced work stoppages at an early stage and also the holiday excluded.

DPA strike at Frankfurt airport on Tuesday: What passengers

Where need to know there is information for affected passengers?

the first point of contact for passengers, the airline is always, in the case of package tours is the tour operator. The Airports provide on their websites detailed information about current departure and arrival times.


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