The Hamburg-based company Lemonaid has a strange Problem. The district office Hamburg-Mitte noted that in the Fairtrade Limo is too little sugar. It threatens therefore, your Status as a lemonade should not be withdrawn.

a few weeks Ago Lemonaid Post received by the office. In the Letter, which is the MIRROR, it means that as lemonade only of such beverages may be sold, which have a total sugar content of at least seven percent by weight. A Lemonaid bottle contains only six per cent of sugar and carry the lemonade to the wrong. “If the composition of the sample remains unchanged, and can, therefore, be for the sample is only a descriptive designation. The designation as a ‘lemonade’ is not possible,” writes the authority.

Specifically, the curious case of the lime-soda of the company. It was the first product that brought the Hamburger to ten years on the market – so far, no authority had to suspend that. The sodas are not only organic and Fairtrade from each sold bottle will donate a sum of five cents for a good purpose.

The sugar content of six percent since product launch unchanged and transparent in the bottle shown, of the company. The other flavors of Lemonaid therefore have a lower sugar content.


The Lemonaid Board of management reacted with incomprehension at the decision. “We sell for years, drinks with less sugar, and now we want to reset our product more sugar, so that we may continue to sell as lemonade. This is absurd,” said Lemonaid-founder Felix Langguth.

to reduce recently, the Federal food Minister, Julia Klöckner (CDU) has reached an agreement with several sectors of the food economy, the amount of sugar in food products by 2025. The industry of non-alcoholic soft drinks was committed to reduce the sugar content in your beverages by 15 percent.

The authority shall Lemonaid now before the decision. Either, the company makes its product more unhealthy by increasing the amount of sugar, or it loses the designation of lemonade. This is for commercial and advertising purposes is very important. A renaming of Lemonaid lime in “soft drink” for the company but not currently an Option. It will, if necessary, go to court and sue.


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