On the site of the recently opened new airport in Istanbul have died according to official figures, at least 52 workers in case of accidents. The statistics of the competent social security authority (SGK), present the news Agency dpa. The SBC had published official Figures to a request from the deputies of the largest opposition party, the CHP, Ali Şeker,.

The statistics covers the period from the start of construction more than four years ago until the middle of November of this year. The operator of the airport, IGA had spoken so far of the 30 fatal accidents at work.

as a Protest against the numerous accidents and due to bad working conditions were met in September, the airport workers in a strike. The police used tear gas against them, there were numerous arrests. This follows a complaint from the workers on social media over the deaths, the there was for a Long time. Also, you mentioned work accidents, bad food and poor accommodation, as well as problems with the payment. “We are not treated like people,” said a worker in a Video that was distributed by a member of the opposition party, the CHP.

On Wednesday the trial of 61 participants in the former protests begins in Istanbul’s Gaziosmanpaşa district. You, among other things, resistance to the authority of the state is accused of violation of the right to work and participation in a meeting with weapons or unauthorized items.

The CHP-deputies Şeker criticized, you have pointed out, the Islamic-conservative AKP government on many occasions that the workers labored at the construction site of the new airport as slaves. In spite of the protests had changed nothing.

The new airport, Istanbul was on 29. October has been opened and is very limited in operation. At the end of December, the semi-state airline, Turkish Airlines wants to move completely to the new airport in the North of the city.

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