151 out of the total of 300 deputies in the Greek Parliament were on Wednesday behind the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Now, the Macedonia-agreement to end the decade-long name dispute can be signed.

Tsipras had put the question of Confidence on Sunday after defence Minister Panos Kammenos came because of the Macedonia dispute and the government had announced an Alliance with Tsipras. He is instructed in the Parliament, the deputies of the of Kammenos led the nationalist party Independent Greeks (Anel). The opposition new democracy party, rejects the Tsipras negotiated agreement with Macedonia.

The Macedonian Parliament had adopted last week, the name change of the country into “Republic of Northern Macedonia”. The Parliament in Athens must ratify the agreement. You should pave the former Yugoslav Republic of the way in the European Union and Nato, Greece so far, because of the name dispute has blocked.


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