To the Meeting at Munich’s Marienplatz, to go with his love of Italy and Italian cars should, Daniel bacon with the bike. In his successful debut Novel “Bella Germania”, which was just reissued as a Hardcover re-tells the author the story of an Italian immigrant family, spanning three generations. A special role in the intricate history of the Italian automaker Iso Rivolta.

“When I started ten years ago with the Research,” says unasked bacon, “I wanted to write a family chronicle, which deals with the so-called guest workers who came in the 1950s and 1960s to Germany and an essential part of the economic miracle.”

he invented the fictional story of the German engineer, Vincent Schlewitz, travels in the mid-Fifties for BMW to Italy, in order to bring the Italian Isetta to Germany. “I grew up in in the’ 70s, in Munich, there was still a lot of Isettas on the streets. For me, that were always just a BMW.“

When working on “Bella Germania” came across bacon on the true story of the Isetta and its origin. Contrary to the extensive understanding of the little bubble car is not a BMW development, but was born in 1953 in the case of the forgotten Italian motor scooter company Iso Rivolta.

Using the Isetta (“little Iso”) had made the company’s Patriarch Renzo Rivolta from the two-Wheeler manufacturer, a car company. However, it is only through the acquisition of License by BMW was from the Italian micro-a Bavarian success of the car model.

Italian elegance and American power

In the book is bacon its German engineering not only find love, but also his automobiles sanctuary: the first Gran Turismo of the Ingenere Rivolta. “That the brand had built up until then, only micro-car, was the Rivolta GT is a stunning car,” says bacon.

With a body by Bertone, chassis by Bizzarrini and a 5.3-Liter V8 engine from the American Corvette Association of the Rivolta, the best of two worlds – Italian elegance and American power and reliability of the GT.

After the employment with this GT, of which between 1962 and 1970, not 800 units were built, for the Autofan clear: a car he had to have. “I’ve always had a lot of Italian cars left,” says the author. “I drove many years of Alfa.” The crisp Sound and the elegant Design had fascinated him always.

“My first Alfa, the by Walter de Silva 156-drawn, I loved her very much. Later, the typical Sound was more and more lost.“ After the success of the film “Maria, he’s not good,” whose screenplay he had written together with Jan Weiler, he found, therefore, to Porsche.

three years Ago, he bought a young pre penalty, but that started the problems. “My Alfas were running smoothly, the penalty was a Diva. The repairs were expensive, the pressure to have to always use original parts, have increased the cost in exorbitant heights.“

appeared As a Speck in the case of a book idea with an Isetta, he finally decided, after a Iso GT around. However, the search was not easy. “I always wanted a copy of the second series,” he says. “Have a more elegant wooden dashboard and a nicer interior.”

The biggest Problem is the condition of the body

according to experts, worldwide, only 300 to 400 GTs have been preserved, “and half of it is perhaps fit to drive,” sighs bacon and ordered a second Espresso. The biggest Problem with the hand-made GT the condition of the body, he adds. Many of the vehicles have been neglected over the years.

“15, 20 years Ago you could buy a car for 20,000 marks, none of them wanted to,” says bacon, and smiles, because those prices are ancient history. In the meantime, he knows the chassis numbers of all the GTs that are offered on the market. Some of the question came from the outset, so that a visit to the owner it was not necessary.

“There’s this green, the verbastelt in Belgium, beautiful color combination, but was strong.” Other vehicles had bacon of specialists rate. “From a car that was driven a lot, you have discouraged me. Since you don’t know what is hidden under the sheet metal, and often you have to do many repairs yet,“ says bacon.

“In a single copy, in Holland, I was already about to strike,” says the author. “But vintage car driving is a passion, vintage cars buying reason. So I have asked a fellow expert from Switzerland, with me.“ Externally, the blue GT made a good impression.

However, revealed a more accurate investigation, that the price was given of the necessary Work. “From the outside, the car looked good, but the bottom sheet, you would have to do a lot, starting with the engine and transmission on the chassis to rust processing.”

In the course of his research bacon needs to learn that all of the Iso have to fight with rust. “The most stood around holding long, and it has been collected at critical Points of water.”

The last Rivolta GT ever built

know Only learned as bacon the Berlin Iso specialist Armin Paprzycki, took up the search journey. “Detours we found the chassis no. 797, a car of the second series, as I have been looking for him.”

This is the number that bacon is important, he repeats it again and again. After this car, the production has been set, it is the last GT ever built. “Besides, the car is just as old as I am,” says the writer, the next year its 50. Will celebrate birthday.

Paprzycki looked at the dark red Iso very thoroughly and made bacon is not an Illusion: In the car, he would have the locker stuck again 30,000 euros. Sheet metal, paint, chassis, engine, if that would be enough. However, the substance had been well assured bacon, as he talks himself once more courage. At the beginning of the year, he has bought the car, finally.

But the journey of a freshly baked classic car owner, started in the first place. For bacon, the GT should not only be a weekend vehicle, but also as a means of transport for the journey to the presentation of the Italian Translation of his book.

His Italian publisher had rented for the occasion on the former factory site of the car manufacturer. At the birthplace of the V8 cars bacon wanted to have a great appearance – not an easy task, because the sports car had been around for 21 years unused.

In Berlin, was bacon at first, the interior refresh, new carpets move in, the electrical system overhaul, the exhaust, and a new Tank installed. For the rest of the Work bacon moved to his dream car to Munich, where he instructed his house – and Hofmechaniker the Iso for the trip to Italy down. “First, it hooked up on the clutch, then the gearbox, and finally it looked like I would be able to the journey will never begin.”

Iso owners help each other

But in his greatest Need, Daniel bacon experienced that there is a real Iso-family. “Under Iso-owners has a passion for the preservation of the brand and helps each other.” So that he could begin his journey, had offered to other owner, even of your gear to expand and to lend it to him. “At the end of a penny, it was a part that needed to be replaced so I could drive.”

On a Thursday it is then, so far. Bacon, who has never owned a classic car, on the 500-kilometre journey back to the birthplace of the Iso GT, according to Bresso, near Milan, with him and some family members who want to pay tribute to the memorable Event.

other lovers of the brand, the presentation of the book take on the historic site as the occasion for a reunion. Early on, the group meets less than three months older Iso GT, the journey has begun in the 1100 kilometres away in Aarhus. Later, Rolf kiss man joins with his perfectly restored GT, the President of the Swiss Iso fan club.

The first section up to the lake of Constance is relatively easy, bacon is driving with 120 km/h in free-flowing traffic. “My car has logged almost a quarter of a century, around stood,” he says. “Everything went fine, the gearbox has held”.

Until shortly before Italy: In a traffic jam on the border of the strained technique of the Oldtimers is taking its toll. The calcified cooler is the weak spot, by him, number 797 in Stop-and-Go is fast becoming hot. Late in the evening bacon rolls with his battered GT in Bresso.

On the Morning of bacon sitting on the stairs of the Villa Rivolta, where 56 years ago, the first GT was introduced. “Here, my car is at home,” he says. It seems that only the Specks GT was not finally arrived.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.