The Hassles of unwanted advertising calls has increased in Germany. From January to November of 58,000 written complaints received by the Federal network Agency for unlawful telephone advertising, informed the authority in Bonn. Or about 6000 more than in the same period last year.

in 2016, the comparison value at 27,000 – within two years, the number has doubled so more than. Above all, energy supply companies can be a Nuisance were, apparently, a third of the complaints relating to unsolicited phone calls on your account.

telephone advertising is subject to strict rules. No one is allowed to be called for advertising purposes, without the prior Express consent of. The sum of the fines, which are imposed by the Federal network Agency, was 2018, according to the 1.1 million Euro and thus slightly below the previous year’s figure of almost 1.2 million euros.

“Stubborn, aggressive, offensive,”

Particularly hard by the Bonn-based authority, fined two companies that received the Maximum fine of 300,000 euros penalty. Including the Bavarian company energy parks, is proposing under the brand name “German energy marketing” consultancy, and provider exchange.

occurred, The callers were “extremely stubborn, aggressive, offensive, and partly threatening,” had complained to the Federal network Agency unlängstbei the date of notification of the fine. The management of the company, the violations had been known, they have done nothing to turn them off. The company announced to appeal against the fine. For example, people have different from the situation of the Federal network Agency claims – no contact details of dubious address traders procured, it said.

in addition to the complaints about unauthorized Marketing calls the Agency received from the Federal network this year to 110,000 written complaints about phone number misuse, 50,000 less than in 2017.

Also, the Problem of the so-called Ping was defused advertising. This is a fraudulent caller, the buzz only briefly – who then calls back, have to pay high fees. The Federal network Agency has now set that you will be informed in the case of call-backs on certain numbers for free on the fees. Since then, fewer people purely on the mesh, according to the number of complaints decreased significantly.


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