“I’m exhausted and so, so happy,” writes Gina Martin. The Briton has been used for months, that the so-called Upskirting is declared in their home country for the Crime – now it has: The upper house of the British Parliament has passed a law against taking photos under skirts and dresses.

Martin (her age is sometimes given as 26, times 27 years) was used after you had to make such an experience: In July of 2017, you was been of two Unknowns at a music festival in London’s Hyde Park initially afflicted. Then one of the men had made with his cell phone picture under her skirt and the other via WhatsApp sent.

she grabbed the cell phone and the security forces of the concert alerted. The police had been turned on and had forced the man to Delete the picture. The investigations against the Suspects had, however, been a few days later set. The reason: The Offense was at the time in England and Wales, not criminal, unlike in Scotland.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Martin. She launched a Petition for a “Upskirting”ban and gathered more than 110,000 signatures. In the meantime, the project was threatened, however, by the Failure, as a conservative member of Parliament in the blocked house of the law. The government of Prime Minister Theresa May took, however, a cross-party Initiative in the matter and brought the ban through the house of Commons.

With the decision of the upper house Upskirting should be banned “” is now also available in England and Wales. The maximum penalty is two years imprisonment. Officially must accept Queen Elizabeth II. This is considered a pure formality.

you have 18 exhausting and emotional months behind, writes Gina Martin now. In this time she had the help of a lawyer named Ryan Whelan. “And now? Now we have changed the law.”


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