Several women accuse various men in the election campaign team of Bernie Sanders sexual harassment during the American pre-election campaign in 2016. According to “Politico” had been kissed by a woman unintentionally. The “New York Times” is also reporting übergriffigem behavior.

Sanders has apologized for the second Time within a few days.

“It has come out that some women have been harassed in our campaign team and treated badly – I thank you from the heart that you have spoken,” said the independent Senator from Vermont who works closely with Democrats, at a press conference. What had the women, is completely unacceptable.

to stand up Against sexism, should not be done only through words, but must be lived every day, said Sanders. “This was not during the election campaign in 2016 seem to be the case.”

“Cultural Revolution in the workplace”

Shortly thereafter, released Sanders on Twitter a Statement in which he said, there is a need for a cultural Revolution to change behavior in the workplace. He had an active part in this process.

According to “New York Times” have been forwarded the complaints to an extent, but in many cases not followed. Several of the consultants or other functions will return, therefore, due to these processes even in the election campaign team, should Sanders choose, 2020, once again, to compete.

observers and supporters believe that he will announce a new candidacy in a timely manner. 2016 Sanders had lost the primaries against his rival Hillary Clinton.


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