US President Donald Trump has called for disarmament negotiations with China and Russia. On Twitter, he warned of an “uncontrollable arms race”. The US would have spent this year 716 billion dollars for defence, wrote to Trump and added: “Crazy!”

In October, the US announced the President to end the INF disarmament agreement with Russia. The contract provides for the abolition of nuclear weapons-capable medium-range missiles. The decision had triggered Concerns about a new arms race. In addition, Trump had announced an increase in the U.S. nuclear weapons Arsenal, “until Russia and China can come to their senses”.

dispute His Twitter message was followed by the G20 summit over the weekend in Buenos Aires, on the Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping in the trade, have been received. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Trump had taken due to the recent escalation in the Ukraine conflict only informally on the sidelines of the summit.

The USA accuse Russia for two years to interfere with his missile system 9M729 against the from the time of the Cold war INF Treaty. A date for the withdrawal from the contract has not yet been notified. Thus, the possibility of nuclear power, China, which was not involved in the INF Treaty to remain still.

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