In Mexico, has once again been a Journalist killed. Rafael Murúa, the Director of a radio station in the North of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, had been murdered. The Governor, Carlos Mendoza wrote in the short message service Twitter.

Last year, the organization had been reported in nine journalist murders in Mexico. The third was the most dangerous country for the media representative to Afghanistan and Syria. Since the year 2000 in Mexico, more than a hundred journalists have been killed – most of these acts remained unpunished.


Murúa missing reported at the radio station Kashana about human rights, environmental protection and culture. According to the Mexico-leaders of the “reporters without borders” was Murúa been in a protection program for journalists and human rights activists.

The 34-Year-old had received local media, according to previously received death threats. On Sunday, he was gone. The body of Rafael Murúa had been discovered with serious injuries to the chest on the edge of a country road, local media reported, citing the Prosecutor’s office.

“This cowardly crime will not go unpunished,” he assured the Governor of Mendoza. It would be followed all of the instructions, the fact to educate. He said Murúas families, and to all the journalists in Baja California Sur seine solidarity.

Reinforced by the bloody drug war and political corruption, violent crimes in Mexico are very widespread. Now the authorities of the country reported a record number of homicides. Therefore 33.341 people came last year, violently killed. Already in 2017, had been placed with 28.866 killing a new sad record offences.

Not working had begun security apparatus

The murder rate in Mexico is rising steadily, since the former head of state, Felipe Calderón, in 2006, a war against the powerful drug cartels in the country. Experts such as Raúl Benítez of the Autonomous National University of Mexico to make a non-functioning security apparatus responsible. “The army was said to be crippled by numerous Anti-drug operations and of the fear of being because of human rights violations of the accused”, Benítez.

The government of the new left-wing heads of state, Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to therefore, a national guard reasons, to assume the duties of the under the control of the army, the civilian police. This Reform, however, requires an amendment to the Constitution.


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