In the U.S. state of Kentucky provides a Video for the outrage: It shows how an adolescent is red “the Make-America-Great-Again”-Cap in front of a native American. The Teenager smiles smugly and stares at the older man provocative. The stand holds his gaze and beats his drum while he sings.

the students around the white Teenager, a lot of Donald trump’s campaign Slogan is also with Caps, where are the fans most of the time. The Situation seems hostile, and threatens to escalate, apparently.

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As the news website BuzzFeed reported, occurred the incident on Friday, on the steps of the Lincoln memorial on the edge of the “Indigenous Peoples March” in Washington, D. C. the young people should be students of a Catholic institution. According to media reports, she had participated in Washington on the so-called “March for life” by abortion opponents.

the origin of The irreverent young people in the Video was quickly eroiert: On some Hoodies for the young provocateurs the Logo of the Covington Catholic High School Park Hills in the US was shown to the state of Kentucky.

Kaya Taitano, a 26-year-old student, had recorded the Events in the Video and on Instagram published. The outrage was enormous. The competent diocese of Covington and the school rushed to condemn the actions of the Teenager. The diocese apologized and explained according to the “Cincinnati Enquirer”: “In the case is under investigation and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion from School.” The Church regretted, also, that I suffer the Pro-Life movement, the abortion opponents under the conduct of young people.

In the case of the natives it should be according to “Indian Country Today” to Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran, a member of the Omaha tribe. He told the “Washington Post” on Saturday he did want to compete in the face of the threat of escalation first of all, the withdrawal. But then the Boy with the Trump-Cap was popped in front of him and he had decided to continue singing. “I felt that the spirit spoke through me,” said Phillips.

had The students “Build the wall, build the wall”. It was, however, on the Land of indigenous peoples. “Here there should be no walls that existed for thousands of years,” Phillips said.

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Alison Grimes, Minister of the interior of the Democratic party in the U.S. state of Kentucky, rebuked the students in a Tweet. The school administration and all teachers are called on to condemn such behavior. “This is not the Kentucky we know and love,” she wrote.

Also of the Church, there was criticism. The Jesuit priest James J. Martin stated that this Form of disrespect was “Catholic, not Christian and not acceptable”.

The Congresswoman Deb Haaland – the first Aborigine in this office – was outraged about the Video: The Veteran was willing to give his life for the United States. “The display of naked hatred, the disrespect and intolerance of the pupils are a sign of how much the General decency has suffered under the current government.”


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