specialists of the Federal network Agency have informed in the past year, in approximately 4700 cases in the whole of Germany, radio interference, and eliminates. In more than 1200 cases safety had been affected in relevant areas, such as the radio, the radio traffic of the rescue services, fire brigade and police, the train radio or the public mobile radio network, informed the Supervisory authority on Wednesday.

In more than 1600 other cases, the test – and measurement service of the Federal network Agency uses in addition to the unauthorized Frequency, and the instruments and Wi-Fi networks out of operation, the on non-allocated frequencies. It was often the devices were accessed via the online trade in the EU and which did not meet the EU standards. to be able to

To radio interference across the Board fix, is represented in the test and measurement service of the Federal network Agency, nationwide, in 19 locations. The use of radio measurement and special vehicles in addition to stationary Measurement and DF stations.

To the CE-seal.

consumers and institutions that want to report a radio interference, can apply to the so-called radio interference to the adoption of the Federal network Agency. This is a round-the-clock under the phone number 04821 89 55 55 or by E-Mail at funkstoerung@bnetza.de accessible. A request for this disorder is acceptance, you should make sure, however, that might not be a technical Defect is the trigger for the disorder.

The test – and-measurement service of the Federal network Agency can be taken by institutions, businesses and consumers free of charge. Who is causing radio interference to, and must also worry about any fees, provided that the error was through no fault caused. Who caused such a disturbance, because he is complying with the applicable provisions, you must search the cost of the disruption and elimination of wear.

The Federal network Agency advises to look for when buying electrical appliances on the Europe-wide CE marking, indicating that the device conforms with European norms and Standards.

network Agency warns of cheap Gadgets DPA exhibition as a deterrent: network Agency warns of cheap Gadgets

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