The litters of Uwe Gensheimer are notorious, his screwdriver from the left is unique. From the man with the rubber arms, the speech is often. But the German handball player has a hand of movement, which has little to do with the active game, not so much.

If he scored a goal, turns Gensheimer often to the audience, reaches out to the viewers of his Arm and begins to crank, when he would turn at the pedals of a Bicycle. Gensheimer boost also, if a teammate has just discarded, or the game rests. The message of this gesture is quite clear: There is more, always more.

In the lost semi-final against Norway has gensheimer in this hand movement is often observed, even in the game for third place in the Handball world championship in Herning. But against France in the 58. Minute, when the score was 24:24, it was over with the cranks. It is no longer continued, at least for him: Gensheimer received a time penalty and the last two minutes was able to track only from the Bank. It was shocked, for him, the tournament was over now. And Germany, when it arrived at the end of it.

Karabatic scored the decisive goal

The last Minute was like a Drama. Briefly, it looked as if the DHB would-without their Superstar with the bronze medal home. But then, Hendrik Pekeler could no longer catch a Pass, so he came to throw seconds before the end, it would otherwise have been the victory. In return, France met for the 26:25. Ironically, Nikola Karabatic made the final point, the French top Star should actually be for the world Cup.


“There’s a lot of emotions were in there,” said national coach Christian Prokop: “The smarter team won.” Clever the French were because the DHB-selection had not gone with four goals ahead at the break, and then to play again but with a last consequence, to the very end.

“We have brought stupid to a bronze medal,” said goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, and Paul Drux added: “Bitter” was the game at the end. So everything was actually said, and Gensheimer with seven goals against France, the superior man, According to the bronze medal at the 2016 summer Olympics, he continues to wait for a big success with the DHB-selection, EM-victory three years ago, he was absent hurt.


Germany ended the tournament with two defeats, there has been no repeat of the success of 2007. But in a reminder of positive things will remain: The dramatic success against Croatia, which drew over ten million viewers in front of the TV and at least a short Handball-Hype triggered. The many goals scored by Gensheimer, about 50 were there at the end. This last crime against France, was again advertising for the sport of handball.

Maybe this world Cup will be even as the beginning of a successful Era under coach Prokop. As the star hour of Fabian Wiede, the auftrumpfte in the Match for the Bronze medal. There have been some winners, but there were also bitter moments. The overall impression of the remains, however, positive.Goalkeeper Andreas Wolff says: “We’ve actual played a great world Cup.” The way it is.

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