The U.S. government is going to send due to the ongoing budget dispute in the country, no Delegation to the annual meeting of the world economic forum to Davos. The spokesperson of the White house announced. Sarah Sanders said, out of consideration for the 800,000 government employees who were due to the partial Authorities shutdown at present, no content will be done without the trip to Davos in Switzerland.

The cancellation is to ensure Sanders, moreover, that the U.S. Delegation planned government members could support Donald Trump in Washington.

Trump himself had already announced last week his resignation on the planned trip to Davos and the ongoing government stand-still. First Minister, Mike Pompeo, Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, and Minister of the economy, Wilbur Ross, however, had changed, among other things, the outside of their travel plans.

The Meeting of the world economic and financial elite in Davos will take place from 22. to 25. January. Just a week prior to the start of its annual meeting, the world economic forum published its annual risk report – it paints a devastating picture of the state of the earth. In the study, it is stated, among other things: “global risks to take. At the same time, the collective will to fight weakens significantly, and the division is growing.”

More on the topic of Trump, and the pressure created by the Shutdown

Immured in The so-called Shutdown in the United States now takes around four weeks – it is the longest in the history of the country. In essence, it is about the fact that Trump the Congress calls for the authorization of $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. The Democrats, who hold the majority in the house of representatives and against the wall plans are, reject it.


Trump cancels Pelosi trip in a military plane

On Thursday, the dispute over the financing of the US was escalating budget: After the Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, suggested Trump had to move his speech on the state of the Nation because of the shutdown, line Trump the leader of the opposition, a planned trip abroad. Pelosi would have to fly according to Trump, with a military plane to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan.

The Democrat, I certainly agree that it was appropriate to move this seven-day “PR event,” wrote Trump in a letter to Pelosi. He think it was better that she was currently in Washington to negotiate with him and end the Shutdown. It was free but “of course” to fly with a line machine.

A speaker Pelosis accused Trump, the character of the trip misrepresent. The trip shouldn’t have been a week, but a weekend take. A visit to Egypt was not planned. And a stopover in Brussels is not necessary, in order to allow the pilots a break.


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