The police on the Cape Verde Islands has taken eleven Russian sailors, on suspicion of drug smuggling, reports the BBC, referring to local authorities.

Remarkably, the drug amount is, The investigators discovered according to the report, on Board of the “Eser” to 9.5 tons of cocaine. So it could be one of the biggest drug finds in history. According to the BBC, the street value of the illegal cargo adds up to about $ 1.5 billion.

According to the Russian news Agency Ria Novosti, the freighter was flying the flag of Panama traveling in Panama started and on the way to Tangier in Morocco. The port of Praia, the vessel of delivery, apparently, for just that reason and unscheduled, because a member of the crew had previously come to death. The cause of death is not yet become known to the public.

a year Ago, a other cocaine Fund had made with Russian participation in international headlines In February of 2018, the investigators arrested six drug smugglers, after nearly 400 kilograms of cocaine had been found in the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires.


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