Author John Ehrmann is a German Journalist and book author. He was born in 1983 in Saarbrücken and now lives in Berlin. For his book “When the Betze bebt” met Ehrmann old fair hero. Finally, The smidge of happiness appeared of him in 2017″”.

With Pavel Kuka’s where it all started, for me anyway. The Czech international striker, in the Winter of 1993/1994 1. FC Kaiserslautern moved, shortly thereafter, my first real football hero. A tip with drooping shoulders, which made it eight goals in ten Games and by the way, ten chances to verdaddelte, a mischievous Underdog, a perfect fair Hero.

He also met in Hamburg on the last round, in the old people’s Park with its running track and four powerful floodlight masts. Kaiserslautern lurked as a Second behind the Bavarians, could be the master, it was my first Bundesliga game in the stadium. “HSV! HSV!”, the Hamburger called. “HIV! HIV!”, called back the fair. That was the time. In may 1994, I was eleven years old.

Incredibly, the soon to be 25 years ago, so fresh in the memories seem to be. On the other hand: With a view to what is today left from the myth of FCK that has influenced my Childhood and youth like nothing else, it’s basically amazing that it is even longer ago.

The decline seeks same

The consequence of the decline of the German masters from 1991 to 1998, the Cup winners ‘ Cup between 1990 and 1996, was basically the German team of the nineties. For years, the Association’s development is like a wrecked car, slipped in slow motion up an endless mountain slope.

The FCK in the year 2018, which is an Association of the cancer in the mediocrity of the third division; the funeral in the Association Cup over the villages; the released in Michael Frontzeck just his Trainer, and until next year, somewhere twelve million euros, needs to find.

What remains is the memory. At Kuka, Kuntz and company. At the time, as a regular guest in Europe, the building of the Cup and the FC Barcelona on the wall played. As a world champion in the team, Andy Brehme, Youri Djorkaeff, and highly talented young stood Klose, stars such as Michael Ballack and Miroslav. As Olaf the Marshal of the Bundesliga newly promoted 1. FC Kaiserslautern scored almost single-handedly to the championship title. 21 goals in 24 Games, despite injury break in the middle of the season. How could you forget such Figures.


During the last sporty, high-stage, in 2010, when it once again went with great football in the direction of Bundesliga, I visited for my book, “If the Betze bebt” the heroes of old, and spoke with them about the good old days.

Marshal came up with the road to the bakery

scorer Marshall came on the road to a bakery-Café outside of Kaiserslautern in tight pants and colorful shirts. He put the helmet on the table and said no more football to go, the knee. Only the Golf and Cycling. A geschaffter Hero with the same mischievous Grin on his face as before.

Miroslav Klose, at the time at FC Bayern under contract, took a half-hour on his non-training day, and gushed in a meeting room at the Säbener Strasse from the encounters with Horst Eckel, one of the five fair world champion of 1954.

Klaus Toppmöller, with 108 goals on forever fair all-time leading scorer in the League, indicated after our conversation on my expression with the statistics of the legendary 7:4-victory against Bayern in the seventies. “Do you need this?” he asked and had already put the folded piece of paper inside into the jacket. Grinning, he strolled away.

part of

This made the football players were Big for the club, but it seemed that this club had given them something, something timeless, that made you still proud that you touched as well as me. They related to each other. They were part of a larger Whole, as we, the Fans, were there also.

as my grandpa, a fair Boy from the canal road, saw the Walter-Elf spells, and the five world Champions from Bern in an open car zujubelte, the world champion footballers from his small Palatinate town.

like my father, twisted as a small Boy on a brought wooden stool in the West curve of the neck, to notice what was going on down there on the lawn.

So as I myself, an eleven year old Boy to enter a view in the Hamburger people’s Park, or two years later blessed in the pouring rain in Berlin’s Olympic stadium, as Martin Wagner shot the Bundesliga Relegated to FCK with his left iron base, the DFB-Pokal victory. Two years later, he was German champion, our Betze, as a newcomer. Unique. Or?

A slow resolution process

In my childish naivety I thought it would just go on and on. Victories, Titles, Heroes Of The Stories.

Today, two decades later, I am divided. A part of me suspects that all this unstoppable demise of one of the great icons of German football, this creeping process of dissolution, just. The receipt from 20 years ago, Bighead and mismanagement, misjudgment and a sham, and the Palatinate Gewurschtel in a relentless increasing Competition. Bad Business.

The other part of me is still dreaming a bit, he jumps up in the thoughts in the Block, and because Klose and Djorkaeff shoot the away win in Berlin because the young Ballack puts a long-range shot under the crossbar, because Andy Buck saves in the last second against Tottenham, the Further in the Uefa Cup.

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