The ADAC, there are, according to the “süddeutsche Zeitung” dispute over a back tax payment. Accordingly, the Federal government has classified the Central office for taxes a part of the ADAC member contributions as the insurance tax. Background the roadside and accident assistance to the clubs. This need to control according to the report, 100 million euros for the years 2016 to 2018 pay. The money had already been transferred. An ADAC spokesman confirmed “the order”, but no exact amount.

is flared, according to the “SZ” an internal dispute over the financing of the additional tax payment. Accordingly, the ADAC-top would like to participate in the 18 regional clubs. Five of them fight back, according to the “SZ” but on the other hand, including the ADAC regional club of the lower Rhine. This, in turn, is led by Peter Meyer, who had to vacate after the detection of the manipulations at the car price “Yellow angel” in 2014 from his Post as ADAC President.

According to the “SZ” threaten the five regional clubs even with a suit. ADAC President August Markl is, therefore, “a rethink” of his colleagues and wants to maintain the participation of the regional clubs on the payment. “We have democratic decisions of the bodies to which we adhere and according to which we act. The vast majority of regional clubs feels the same way”, – quoted him as saying the “SZ”.

as early as 2017, the ADAC had to pay back taxes in the amount of 90 million euros in backdated to 2014. Then it went to taxes to benefits for the members such as breakdown and accident assistance services. According to the “SZ” calculated by the auto club in the meantime so that, from 2019, of between 30 and 35 million euros a year to the tax office to pay.

ADAC to provide key emergency service

The ADAC is currently in a difficult reform process. The scandal of the “Yellow angel” had crashed the car club two years ago, in the greatest crisis in the history of the club. Between 2009 and 2013, in addition to the number of participants in the car price also the rank of the winning vehicles as a result of fake. This had weakened the confidence in the car club massively. to get

the Association of status with tax benefits and volunteering, separated the ADAC be insurance and publishing business. In addition to the club and the non-profit ADAC Foundation, which takes care of air rescue and transport education, there is the joint-stock company ADAC SE. There, the club has concentrated its commercial activities and is not primarily in the insurance business. In 2017, this joint-stock company the annual turnover of around 1.2 billion euros.

The automobile club with more than 20 million members, wants in the future, occur more as a General mobility service provider. So the club tried, according to a report from the “business week” in the locksmith service business. A corresponding pilot project should start already at the end of January in the Munich city area. ADAC members can call the roadside assistant when you have locked yourself about.

The pilot project will take, according to the “WiWo” first of all, a year and a half. Afterwards, the ADAC will determine whether the key-Not-insurance remains only to members, and whether they can be extended to other cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants.


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