she has renounced Islam, and is afraid, apparently, to your life. Therefore, the Saudi-Arab Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is escaped according to their own information in front of your family. On the way from Kuwait to Australia, she was set, however, during a stopover in Thailand. It was stopped according to their own information and the information of Human Rights Watch on Sunday at Bangkok’s international airport from saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti Embassy representatives, who took away her passport.

she fears deportation, and hopes for asylum. Now the authorities have indicated that al-Qunun do not need to leave the country for the time being.

Surachet Hakparn

Surachet Hakparn, the chief of the Thai immigration authority, said, al-Qunun will be sent back. Instead, it would coordinate with the UN Agency for refugees. “If a deportation would lead to her death, we would not want to do that definitely,” said Hakparn. Meanwhile, al-Qunun accompanied by representatives of the UN refugee Agency, the UNHCR, the grounds of the airport in Bangkok to leave.

Shortly before that, the human rights lawyer Nadthasiri Bergman had informed that an appeal against the extradition of 18-Year-old had failed. “You have rejected the request,” said Bergman. “You do not say, we have enough evidence.” They announced at the same time, the rejection challenge.

deportation flight, without al-Qunun started

Al-Qunun had traveled from Kuwait to Thailand. They obviously wanted to continue to Australia to apply for asylum.

the airport in Bangkok

But at the airport in Thailand, she had been told that she must return with Kuwait Airways to Saudi Arabia, reported al-Qunun the Reuters news Agency. In a published in the Internet Video was to see how you barricaded himself in your room in airport hotel with furniture. The deportation flight, where you should sit, started without you.

The chief of the Thai immigration authority, Surachate Hakparn, had confirmed on Sunday that the 18-Year old denied at the time of their arrival from Kuwait of the entry. You’ve had no papers, no return ticket and no money.

Al-Qunun feared that they might be killed

On the personal circumstances of the head of the office and says that the young woman had fled from home to escape a forced marriage. Now you have fear that “they might get in trouble if she returns to Saudi Arabia and back”.

Al-Qunun feared, rather, that they could be killed. As a friend said anonymously to the British “Guardian”, had threatened a Cousin of the 18-Year-old with the death. Al-Qunun said that she was sure that she would come if he were to return to Saudi Arabia to jail, and “that they will kill me, as soon as I get out of detention”.

Because of their difficult situation, has turned the woman seems to be a number of foreign representations in Thailand, including probably the German Embassy. The foreign representation of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bangkok, via Twitter, stated that it shares “the concern with Rahaf Mohammed” and change to the case of Thailand.


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