After the arrest of the mayor of Riace has arranged the Italian interior Ministry, the migrants from the South of Italy to accommodate a country in Refugee shelters.

mayor arrested, refugees resettled

As the Ministry on Saturday announced to start the removals in the coming week. Riace took the mayor Domenico Lucano, who had become due to the successful Integration of refugees in Europe known, had been taken ten days ago, fixed and placed under house arrest.

The Prosecutor’s office determined against Lucano and abetting illegal immigration. He is accused of, among other things, to have marriages between residents of his village and migrants arranged. In addition, he should have a garbage disposal in Riace, without tendering to the Cooperative of migrants awarded.

pattern example for Integration

Lucano had made the 1800 inhabitants of the village in Calabria in the last years a model for the Integration of refugees. He took dozens of people from Afghanistan, Eritrea and Iraq and set up their tents in abandoned houses in the emigration affected the village. The village school was re-opened, refugees and villagers newly opened shops and Ateliers attracted tourists.

Lucano was 2016 he was taken in by the magazine “Fortune” in the list of the 50 most influential personalities of the German Director Wim Wenders made a Film about him.

Salvini’s refugee enemy course

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