Bavarian craft, it groans. Thousands of training places remain, 2018 vacant, it 195.000 professionally qualified personnel lack of up to date. For setting Fugitive planning security companies. Customers afflict a months-long wait times. Bureaucracy, confusion, inhibits the implementation of public contracts. And small businesses and niche industries such as a tiler or a bricklayer to find a young.

It is the diversity of the craft owed a Paradox.

to arrive Like this situation in the companies, shows, for example, in the 300-soul village of Neuses at the oaks in the upper Franconian province. Here the family sits for operation "Heinz Brückner Sanitär und heizungstechnik e. K.". Founded in 1905, local roots, Frank Brückner, the fourth Generation directed. Almost 60 people are employed here.

The chamber of crafts upper Franconia awarded Brückner, together with other companies from the Region, which are in addition to, and voluntarily organized in the Guild "plumbing, sanitary and heating technology, Coburg," a few months ago with the future price for the program "HVAC training 2.0".

the trigger for the joint Initiative was a catastrophic between examination three years ago. The trainees of the second training year came to only a grade point average of 4.8. Almost all vocational students would have failed.

craft: Good education is crucial

"Since we woke up," says Frank Brückner. "before we go into the Vale of tears, we wanted to roll up prefer to the Sleeve." Together with the heads of the other 50 companies in the Guild Brückner held a short time later, a crisis summit. With Success. Between the first Meeting and implementation of the new training concept is only four weeks passed.

Since then, the apprentices of the Guild will meet on Fridays every six weeks to hands-on Workshops. Chefs and instructors take it in turns from different companies, the care. By the Engagement of a retired vocational school teacher, and Saturdays time theory crash courses. Series: Bavaria before the election

14. October, the Bavarians will vote for a new Parliament. FOCUS Online is dedicated to mark this occasion, six areas of society and shows what is good and bad in Germany’s largest Federal state.

"We have implemented the simple and there is no big discussion on it. That was help for self-help", says Brückner. In new educational year of operation, is one of 36 apprentices at the vocational school in Coburg. So many there were never. Through the training in 2.0, the note cuts have improved by one and a half grade levels.

The concept of running in addition to the vocational school, and means a considerable additional expense for the companies, which are already stressed time enormously. A good training in the craft is now essential. The technological claims – Smart Homes, climate engineering, energy efficiency will always be higher. And the bachelor should and must take quickly to the audit of financial statements of self-responsibility and to work independently. With their performance stands and falls with the success of the entire operation.

"the eye of The needle, the fitters on site", white Brückner. They have the contact with the customer. Your performance is ultimately advertising for the operation. Heinz Brückner Sanitär und heizungstechnik e. K. instructor Matthias Martin (M.), Nils (l.) Hand.

Nils, boy-like face in the blue man, a young journeyman in the operation of the Brückner. He just got done with College. His dream was actually to become a farmer. But "the school grades were not so great, and I was in high school, quite lazy Stinker", he admits.

An Acquaintance advised him to apply for a job as an apprentice at the Brückner. Since then, he has discovered the fun to the Practical, and the heating technique. "You’ll be thrown into cold water, go on the first day on the construction site. You look to much, but must also try a lot of things," says Nils. And then hot, it is practice, practice, practice.

shortage of skilled workers: 2030 lack in Bavaria 400.000

In the Nile,' final class in high school, has decided to hardly anyone else for a lesson or two, or maybe three. Young people are crowding into the universities. The result is an immense shortage of skilled workers. According to forecasts of the Ministry of economy of 400,000 professionally qualified personnel lack in Bavaria alone, in the year 2030.

Bavaria’s Minister of economic Affairs Franz Josef Pschierer will therefore make use of the on the labour market-given Potential. "We need the long-term unemployed, drop-outs and women for the labour market", says Pschierer to FOCUS Online.

in addition, the training should back again more in the focus. "We need to Master, but in the future we need more, master,“ calls Pschierer. Planned measures is the promotion of business transfers, among other things, demand-driven immigration of skilled workers, and a strengthening of in-company training. Heinz Brückner Sanitär und heizungstechnik e. K. Udo Brückner talking to Customers.

Up to the implementation of these projects, many companies and individual fighters go, but to the gums. And it is only the shortage of skilled workers, of the inhibits is not. Closely related to the social position of the craft. The dirty image of the lazy construction worker who hangs out in a dirty undershirt with a beer in Hand on the construction around that is not a thing of the past.

craft enterprises modernize, have an increasingly high quality standards and play an important role in the Diffusion of Innovation. Finally, there must be someone who installs the new equipment and technologies.

craft struggling with bad Image

"Where would burn the light, where the water would run, where the place would be warm or cold, if there are no craftsmen?", asks Udo Brückner, project Manager for private clients and the brother of Director Frank, with emphasis. If you wanted no red carpet, just go to a certain appreciation of the work.

Frank Brückner agrees with his brother. "Our boys and girls have made at the end of the day any Person happy", he says. With a newly renovated bathroom, for example, or a newly installed heating system. "not&quot sees everything; that quarrels Brückner. Heinz Brückner Sanitär und heizungstechnik e. K., Frank Brückner (3. v. l.) at a team meeting.

In the next five years, the Bavarian state government wants to sites the technological modernization of vocational education and training further. Almost 200 million Euro will be invested on the Offensive, "craft Digital". The craft organizations to further innovation and technology centres. Campaigns such as "parents proud" to strengthen the Image of the vocational education and training.

If the empty election promises stay or, indeed, effective measures can be, remember the people in Bavaria then, if someone comes in, if the heating in the Winter is true or not.

series: Bavaria before the election

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