The first name for the Baby, mother and father discuss is often a week long.Everyone has their own preferences.These are the most common first names in 2015 – most of the correspond to these three points.

Every year, when the society for German language (Gfds) and the independent name researcher Knud Bielefeld to determine the most popular first name, read parents names, searching for babies, Maybee, Don Armani or Schaklyn hot.

But such a curious name to be the exception. Looking at the list of the most popular names are always the same names in the Top 10. There are classics like Sophie, and Maximilian, most frequently. Or short and androgynous sounding like Luka, Mia and Ben.

1. Short and sweet he is

researchers sound are particularly interested in the question of the criteria by which parents choose first names for their children. Various investigations and studies have shown clear Trends in the selection of the most popular first name. Classic, short and international.

Especially in the age of globalization, the Name should be pronounce not only at home but also abroad. In a survey conducted by the Gfds, in the year 2013, said 42 percent of the parents that it is important that the first name brings her young is not a disadvantage.

A Max or Leo do probably abroad easier than a Günther or Fietje. For 31 percent, it was important that the Name fits to every age.

2. Multi-cultural in name-Ranking

A change in the first name-Ranking name from the Islamic cultural circle, according to Gfds. Mohammed was just a few years ago on space 52, now he is already in the Top 20. In the UK, he occupied already # 1 on the most popular first name. The boy’s name Ali, is among the first hundred, such as Mira, Leila, Elif, and Only in the case of the girls.

For 2015, the society for German language has been created for the first time, a list of the most popular Turkish-Arab names for boys and girls in Germany. Here, too, Muhammad occupies the top position. In comparison to the choice of name in Turkey is shown, according to the experts: parents in Germany choose more traditional names than in the home.

3. The grandma will come back in style

Also in the German cultural circle researchers recognize the Trend to Tradition. While in the past few years, originality and individuality strong was announced and the children were given names such as Maybee, and Aimee, according to the Gfds, more and more parents back to the traditional name: “The people will remember back to their grandparents,” said Frauke dog Bush of the Gfds.

Because many parents are interested again for the old name and call your children, Anton, Emil and Oskar, Emma or Frieda. Not a child was so like grandma and grandpa. PDF With this first name is your child successful! Our PDF guide shows you the most popular children’s names and how they are the future of your child can shape. Also: How children are allowed.To the PDF guide

all The more extraordinary the name, and therefore, more attractive, male Bush suspected. The Name Oskar jumped in four years, in the Ranking of the first name researcher Knud Bielefeld from the 64th place to 21st place. And Amelie jumped from place from 20th to 14th place.

Also, Elisa and Mathilda (space 27, 2015) to climb each year to the top of the popularity scale. Similarly, Theo is no longer valid as a grandpa Name. He climbed to the top of the list of most popular names from 89 in 2009 to 37th in 2014 and 27 in 2015.

This quirky first names gave parents 2015

Some guys are now wearing the rare name of Bennet, Jonte, or Emilian. Your Game mates could soon be hot Finja, Lenya, or Luana. The latter may be landed by the candidate in the current episode of “Germany’s next top model” back in the memory of becoming parents.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Of Arda up Tamme: This unusual surname gifts of parents to their young, This quirky first names gave parents 2014

Shakur, Tjore, Cait, Kedesh, Mynte, Kellyn, Adiga, Kirira, Daileen, Malata, Jonne – are names that appeared in Germany in 2014. In the year of the football world Cup, the parents named their child after the Brazilian Star Neymar.

you want more? Frea, Sammilian, Excel, Raven, Silence, Memphis, Vegas, Fynnyu, Famous, Teddox. In the name of Shogun, Theiler and Bambel want moved language consultants, and state offices, but the emergency brake.

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