The annual CogX Festival will start on June 14 for a three-day run in Kings Cross, London. South Korea’s question-answering platform startup 42maru said that it will take part in the event for three straight years. Photo courtesy of CogX Festival

Korean startup focuses on sophisticated question-answering platform

South Korea’s artificial intelligence (AI) startup 42maru said on June 13 that it will showcase its question-answering (QA) technology at the CogX Festival in Kings Cross, London on June 14-16.

42maru will show off its QA platform at three offline venues and 15 online stages during the event, which will bring more than 350 firms and 100,000 participants from across the world.

A QA system refers to a type of conversational AI aimed at coming up with natural-language answers to questions posed by people. The related businesses have surfaced over the past few years.

42maru has worked on a sophisticated QA model, which can precisely understand human users’ intention and give an only legitimate answer on the back of deep learning and machine learning.

In other words, the Seoul-based company trains its QA platform with a vast unstructured dataset.

42maru CEO Kim Dong-hwan said that the company will tap into the European market based on its competitiveness in QA technology.

“42maru has been invited for three consecutive years since 2019 to participate in this event, where only selected companies can join,” Kim said. “We are preparing to enter the European market in earnest based on AI machine learning and summary technology.”

The CogX Festival is one of the largest global fairs for AI and transformational technology. The 2021 edition of the annual gathering will feature more than 1,000 celebrities and bright minds.

Included in the list are actor and investor Robert Downey Jr., European Commission Executive Vice President Margarethe Vestager, and McKinsey & Company senior partner Vivian Hunt.

This year’s theme is “How do we get the next 10 years right?”

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