Her first child lost to Mandy Stephens in the sixth month.Her own mother offered herself as a surrogate mother.At the end of July, the 51-Year-old brought her own granddaughter into the world healthy.

The dream of a child of our own, Mandy Stephens, and her husband had given up already, after your first pregnancy, traumatic ended. She lost her Baby due to preterm labor, such as the American “Huffington Post” reported. It would have been a Boy named Theo.

Stephen’s mother, Sherri Dickson with suffered with your daughter. “Watch, as your child loses his, is the epitome of sadness,” said the feisty 51-Year-old in an Interview with the program “Good Morning America”.

as a Last resort, Adoption, or surrogacy

On the first shock, the second also followed the same. Stephens‘ treating Doctors dissuaded her from further pregnancies. Her uterus was not strong enough. The risk that you will lose in labor another child by Early, was very large.

Stephens and her husband Jamie did not want to give up the dream of an own family, however, and sought other ways. They were informed about the adoption process, but also about Surrogacy.

Federal Republic of Germany prohibits oocyte donation, and the belly for hire

unlike in some U.S. States, the Federal Republic of Germany prohibits surrogacy entirely. The embryo protection law aims to prevent the commercialisation of pregnancy and prohibits Doctors in women, artificial insemination, if you give it then permanently in the custody of a third party. Here, Physicians face a possible one year imprisonment.

in The U.S. state of North Dakota, where the family of Stephens is living, liberal. Although egg donations are forbidden, but the law allowed women the Discharge of a foreign Embryos. And so both Mandy Stephens mother as well as her sister as a surrogate mother offered.

pregnant with a 51 – in spite of Multiple sclerosis

After the medical examination, both of the women as a surrogate mother came into question. The family finally agreed to Sherri Dickinson – in spite of their age and autoimmune disease Multiple sclerosis.

Sherri Dickinson’s own three pregnancies went smoothly. In addition, she was also still in menopause. Because of her age, Mandy and her husband decided to you as a surrogate mother. They suspected that the risk of mother-to-child-bond is lower.

criticism from neighbors and Strangers

The pregnancy was, according to Dickinson, is less stressful than the reactions of your environment. “A birth with 51 is more strenuous than with 33. But I’m happy to be pregnant. It doesn’t bother me,“ she said in an Interview.

For them, it was, of course, as the surrogate mother for her daughter to fill in. Mainly because her own body from the pregnancy benefited. The life growing in her belly, protected them from the Foranschreiten of their own disease. It is known that infants disease suspend in the womb, the painful Immune. Protect MS patients during pregnancy from further relapses. The Doctors do some additional research to find the causes.

grandma brings granddaughter to be healthy for the world

While the own family is very open with Dickinson’s surrogacy bypassed, were friends and neighbors less than thrilled. They had to expose themselves in Public, high and mighty Look of the Strangers leave, she told in an Interview. “I wanted a T-Shirt printed with the inscription: ‘calm down! Is not mine!‘“.

in the face of family happiness of her daughter Mandy, the feisty grandma was fond of public criticism. You brought on the 31. July, your own grandchild to be healthy on the world. The little one is called Myla, and is the Pride of the whole family.

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