much earlier than planned, Google is making its social network Google Plus dense, namely, as early as next April, rather than in August, like it is aiming for in the first place. The reason: The company has discovered a new data breach.

information from approximately 52.5 million users were affected, Google. Therefore, Software developers about the interface to Google Plus (API) access to names, E-Mail had addresses, age, and employment, even if this data should remain private. The gap had existed for six days, and Google have no evidence to suggest that developers exploited it, or even have discovered.

Google announced in October that Google Plus had been in place since 2015, a weak point, by the App developers is also on the name, E-Mail address as well as information on employment, gender and age of users were able to access. At the time, Google said only 500,000 potentially affected user accounts. The similar new gap, but met a lot more Accounts, had been introduced in November with a Software Update, it said now. The interfaces for Software developers to now be within the next three months.

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Google was already in the criticism, because the company had discovered the first flaw, although already in March, and immediately closed it but made open to the public. The incident was only through a report in the “Wall Street Journal”. Now Google announced the new gap prior to a hearing of the company’s chief Sundar Pichai in the US Congress.

Google Plus was launched in 2011 as a competitor to Facebook, but can’t enforce and had hardly any active users. Google wants to operate a Version of the network for the communication in the company.


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