Normally, the service is secret, the heads of secretive people who Express hate in public. However, in the case of leading representatives of the intelligence Alliance of the “Five Eyes”, in addition to the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and new Zealand, for several months in a different way: they give Interviews and lectures, and always come back to you on China and its importance in the global telecommunications industry. Your repeatedly stated fear: The products from manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE a glaring security risk, the companies could be the Leaders in Beijing in terms of espionage services.

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The warnings are reflected in political decisions, more and more governments ban Chinese Telco equipment supplier from their mobile networks. In addition to the United States and Australia recently, new Zealand has decided Huawei “due to significant risks to the national security” of a concrete 5G-project of the provider and Spark out.

Behind the Scenes, in particular, the United States is vigorously trying to move other States this step – including Germany. With Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone all the major network operators have in this country, Huawei technology in use. Also on the Smartphone market, the Chinese are the best in the business: The best-selling device in Germany and was last updated by Huawei. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+)

“For such serious decisions as a spell, you need receipts”

For the evaluation of the potential risks of the authority, with its headquarters in Bonn in this country is responsible, the Federal office for information security (BSI). Its President Arne Schönbohm is the Insistence of the Americans unimpressed. “For such serious decisions as a spell, you need documents,” says BSI President Arne Schönbohm, these were subject to his authority.

Huawei had can check opened in November in Bonn in Schönbohms a “security laboratory,” the presence in the German customers, among other things, the source code of Huawei products. Similar facilities, the BSI President, he wished other manufacturers. His specialists are not left, however, only on the group’s own laboratory, but worried Huawei components on the entire world to examine you.

in March, a Telekom had to-the Board of the BSI and the Federal office for constitutional inquiring about protection, whether the authorities agree with the warnings from US security authorities against Chinese manufacturers. BSI President Schönbohm responded on behalf of both authorities, no reliable findings were “currently”. Should this change, will it go active on the German industry.

Huawei denies all the allegations “sharply and categorically”. “We have never been asked somewhere a back door for spying purposes to install, there is no law forces us to, we have never done it and will never do it,” explains a spokesman.

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