Huawei, one of the major network supplier in the world, Is excluded, the suspicion of Espionage by the Development of 5G networks in Germany? In October, the Federal government had reticence: “A specific statutory basis, with the legal consequence of the complete or partial exclusion of a certain provider from the 5G in Germany exists and is not planned,” it said in a response to a request of the Green parliamentary deputies, Katharina Dröge.

Now it sounds a bit different, as the “Handelsblatt” reported. In a new, not-yet-published response, in turn, to a request by Dröge, it, therefore, means: “decision-making about concrete measures is not completed within the Federal government.”

according to The paper, a “revaluation” of the allegations against Huawei is taking place within the Federal government. Also about concrete action is allegedly already been discussed. The security requirements for the network construction, the pretend, the Federal office for information security (BSI) and the Federal network Agency could be formulated, “in a way that Huawei would be de facto excluded”. Or to reach the telecommunications act could be amended to the.

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especially the United States suspect Huawei will help the Chinese government Spy on to will shape. In the room is the fear that China might sabotage the 5G networks abroad. Emissaries of the U.S. government had come, therefore, in November, to Germany, to warn against the use of Huawei technology.

In the United States, Australia and new Zealand, says the providers, the use of Chinese products in the 5G build. Also, the British Telecom wants to renounce in the core area of its 5G network to Huawei and even Huawei technology from the Central areas of its 3G and 4G networks remove.

Publicly-known evidence for a spying cooperation between Huawei and the Chinese government yet, it also BSI-President Arne Schönbohm pointed last. Huawei denies the allegations categorically.

company founder Ren Zhengfei said on Tuesday: “The Chinese foreign Ministry has already made it clear that no law requires in China of any company, behind doors. Huawei and I personally have never been asked by any government to provide illegal information. My company would not respond to such requests.”

The Provider in Germany for years, including but not limited to Huawei technology, which is regarded as the convenient and modern. A forced resignation could lead to delays in the construction of the 5G networks, and to price increases for the customer.


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