he is at night usually, has to do with a special feature: The star of the triangle nebula, a spiral galaxy in our cosmic neighborhood, are distributed over a relatively large area in the southern sky. Therefore, their luminosity is not focused and the best is to take a pair of binoculars at Hand to watch them. Otherwise is visible even in good conditions, only a milky stain.

Or if you look at the image that has made the space telescope “Hubble”. It’s so far the most detailed recording of the triangular nebula. The galaxy in the constellation of the triangle is located about three million light-years from the milky way. And the European “Hubble”-center in Garching, near Munich, has published a picture of her has 665 million pixels.

The photo is a composite of 54 individual images. It is the second largest image, “published by Hubble”. Just a picture of the Andromeda galaxy 2015 was resolved later. It showed more than a hundred million stars.

The new photo now includes approximately ten to fifteen million individual suns. The recording is too large, in order to develop the Details at a glance. Here you can find a Version of the zoom, you can take advantage of individual areas under the magnifying glass.

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With the new mosaic, astronomers want to investigate the so-called star-forming regions in the small spiral galaxy, where Gas and dust, new suns are to be produced, as the center explained

The triangle nebula is in the sky of the astronomers ‘ catalogues refer to the numbers of M33 and NGC 598. It is to the Andromeda nebula and the milky way is the third largest spiral galaxy of the so-called Local group.

it contains about 40 billion stars, and some of the active star factories. With a diameter of about 60,000 light-years is about two-thirds as large as the milky way. The number of stars in our galaxy is estimated to be 100 to 400 billion.


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