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Your website is the only option you have to have a sales agent 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, without salary, benefits or commissions. What are you waiting for? For real estate development companies as well as real estate agents, taking advantage of digital tools such as social networks and blogs can be quite effective in generating qualified prospects.

Increasingly, these types of businesses are beginning to implement web strategies to attract new investors.

This is why your company should stop relying on traditional practices exclusively, such as investing in traditional advertising. It is time to integrate a digital strategy and attract the right audience.

What’s your Best Choice?

The companies whose activities are focused on the development and / or sale of properties, are, among other industries, the ones that have the most advantages in the implementation of digital marketing strategies.

Because of the nature of property buyers, who in 95 percent of cases prefer to research online before talking to any real estate agent, your services are perfectly adapted to the digital language and are ideal for implementing Inbound Marketing.

As an entrepreneur, you must take advantage of this circumstance to get the most out of it and become a leader in your industry. Real estate developers and independent agents have endless possibilities to increase their number of leads and turn them into real sales.

Next, is a list with seven basics of a digital real estate marketing strategy that will help you gain ground in front of your competitors:

Focus efforts on customers

Focusing strategies on consumers will allow you to know what they are looking for in your product. Listen to them and adapt your efforts to the habits of your audiences.

Stop selling them all the time and provide useful and valuable information for them, talk about their main concerns and let them know that you are there to solve them.

Offers Downloadable Content on Blog

The blog is the channel of excellence to generate valuable content about your services. Making premium content available as guides or documents is, without a doubt, the best option to obtain information about your visitors. This is a good start to start generating the qualified leads (prospects) that your company needs.

Make your “product” available in test mode

Let’s be honest: we like free things. Taking those interested to the property through a virtual tour will make them know the benefits of acquiring your service. Take advantage of this to hook them and take them to the second level.

The same visit should be a premium content, inform your visitors of what they get in these visits, what kind of information they will receive (you can include a free financial advice or mortgage loans that exist).

Make tutorials on financing

For those who have already bought properties or for those who are thinking about it, it is quite useful to have a guide on how to get the most out of a real estate investment and the financing methods to make a better business.

We strongly recommend you use videos that explain the features of the properties in detail. You can use drones to shot mesmerizing videos as they are already being used in real estate sector.

Try to make them fun because nobody wants to have a boring time. Offer them virtually in exchange for the information of your prospects and offer them physically to encourage visits to your properties.

Includes testimonials and success stories

We all like to know that the real estate agent who looks after us knows what he is talking about and has solved the problems of others. This directly impacts the purchase decision. Include, on your website, success stories of satisfied customers with your products. Add liveliness with featured phrases or videos explaining how and why it has benefited them to buy properties through your agency.

Organize educational Webinars

A webinar is a transmission – similar to a live video course – in which you can mix the benefits of tutorials and testimonials. Imagine having the real ones interested in investing in properties, following your webinar and interacting with your company. That is really effective to generate engagements in your audiences.

Email marketing campaigns

Use the information collected with your premium products to create a personalized communication channel through emails. This way you can keep your visitors and leads up-to-date about new properties that you are adding to your portfolio or the new publications of your blog.

Constantly monitor the results of your efforts, will allow you to know if what you implement is really working. In addition, you can detect areas of opportunity to improve your strategy.