In 2019, smart home system devices are expected to be far more powerful and impressive than they were ever before.  In fact, it would be much more than, “Alexa, play this for me,” or “Alexa find that for me.”  Smart devices such as Samsung’s Family Hub fridge will be so highly advanced that it will inform you about things missing in your refrigerator while you are busy  grocery shopping.

In short smart devices are helping us build smarter homes. Not surprisingly, analysts predict that smart home devices industry will be worth $137.91 billion by 2023, globally, as people increase their smart device adoption in the coming years.

Here I have listed some of the favorite smart devices that’ll help you build smarter homes.

# Smart speakers

No doubt, there are many brands emerging in the smart home space, but then there’s no denying that it’s Amazon Echo that gave users the first-hand experience in smart home technology. Alexa, Echo’s voice-controlled assistant, can be requested to not just play music; you can even use it to control other areas of your home, such as lightings, ACs and more, without moving around your house.

Nowadays, you have Alexa Skills Kit that’s expanding its functionality.

# Smart Plugs

Even before getting smart speakers, you can start your home automation process with a smart plug. Just plug in Elgato Eve Energy or Belkin Wemo into any one of your electrical outlets and control the device that’s plugged into the smart plug via your mobile device.  Bet on smart plugs to add more smartness to your existing gadgets.

# Smart Lights 

As it turns out, now you can use your voice to control the light system in your house as well. Just order Philips Hue bulbs to dim or brighten the light of your rooms, as per your convenience and it will do it for you.  Plus, you can create special color-coordinated moods and even set color-coordinated alarms that help you wake up in a colorful room, maybe a room colored in yellow hues.

These bulbs work in conjunction with several smart home systems, making it easier to operate. If you do not want color, you can even opt for Philips Hue White. Read more about Home entertainment technologies in this article:4 Major Technology Disruptions Expected in 2019.    

# Smart Security 

Smart devices are very much about convenience and entertainment. But then, there are tools useful for home security as well. For instance, Netgear Arlo Q is a smart security system that records high-quality video and audio. More than anything, it comes up with brilliant quality images of people even in pitch-blackness.

The device is programmed to automatically record events when you are not at home or customize it to a time-based schedule while you are at work.  For more information on smart security systems, consult some of the best in the industry. GoodFirms has come up with a curated list of top internet of things development companies if you really interested in setting up smart security for your home.

# Smart Griller 

If you grill regularly you know how inconvenient and time-consuming it is. Checking the meat, time and time again, to find whether the temperature is right enough, or too hot that it might burn the steak, keeps you on your toes all the time. Enter Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology that takes all the hassle out grilling. It sends out all kinds of alerts on your smartphone, including whether or not the grill is preheated, info about the internal temperature of the meat and even whether your meat or fish is fully cooked or not.

# Smart Countertop Appliances

The high-tech countertop appliances help you cook without constant monitoring and even without setting the temperature and time. For instance, the June Intelligent Oven, own it on determines how to cook the food by looking at the food. You neither need to set the temperature nor the time. You just need to confirm the kind of food you want and it will do it for you without much of your intervention. You can even use the camera inside to check whether the food is baked or roasted via an app.

# Smart Home Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning

There are even smart home automation devices that automatically manage your home heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. For instance, Nest Learning thermostat comes with an innovative learning capability that gradually learns your usual HVAC settings and then operates on its own as per your preferred temperature settings. Okay! It may not give you the perfect results in the initial stages but gradually offers better results as and when more data gets introduced to the smart system.

The best part: its smart detection system makes sure it activates the heating system when someone is inside the room and turns it off when nobody is around.

I know, there are dime a dozen smart devices available these days to make your homes ultra-convenient. So, what’s your favorite smart device for your home? Go on and add to this list by sharing your comments below.

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