Deutsche Post in the autumn of surprisingly suspended postage increase is apparently on 1. April catch up. This is clear from a Letter from the Federal network Agency on its policy Advisory Council, reported the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

Probably would increase the price of standard letters from 70 to 80 cents, it said. The so-called framework decision of the network Agency had, however, yet to be communicated in the course of this week the Post officially.

The company said on Tuesday night in a compulsory notice to the investors. “The Deutsche Post AG expects that the draft of the proposed decision for comments on the 15. January. You will inform your investors as soon as she was able to assess the intended decision of the Federal network Agency.”

The possible new postage amount, it was said that, in addition to the percentage increase in the price framework, the duration of the scheme and, if appropriate, further parameters must be taken into account.

The Federal network Agency had prohibited the from of the German Post-desired increase in the letter postage of 70 to 80 cents at the end of October for the time being. There are too few information available, why the postage would be more expensive.

The Post had just issued a profit warning. Thus, the Basis of the business have changed data for the decision, said Post chief Executive Frank Appel. “We need more postage, because our personnel costs each year by about three per cent, and at the same time, letter volumes are falling by a similar amount,” he said.


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