At the airport to land, eager to leave the plane, full of anticipation of the destination – and then this: At the Luggage belt on the suitcase, wait and hours and hours and hours of endurance.

Well, as bad as it might not always be. However, The annoying waiting time at the airport can save you now.

The Trick, as you immediately get your suitcase

This Trick might shorten your waiting time at the airport dramatically. There are two ways to ensure that your Luggage will appear as one of the first on the baggage belt:

1. If you check your Luggage, ask the ground staff, “attach Fragile”sticker on it. In General, cases are loaded with fragile content later. And that means It will be unloaded first. So it also appears on the baggage belt first.

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2. Check in as the last Person, or you give up as the Last of your Luggage. So it is loaded last on the plane and appears as the first on the baggage belt. “The bags are always loaded from the front to the back on the Luggage cart,” says the ramp worker named Thomas Lo Sciuto on Quora. “When you check in so recently, their pieces of Luggage last baggage car, with the result that they are the first to land on the baggage belt.”

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