Between desire and reality is in many Professions a lot of space. In the series “The anonymous Job log” to tell people in a very subjective, what influences their Job – whether it’s a veterinarian, attorney, or Advisor in the Jobcenter.

“Uniform, badge, create, weapon pick up, plug in: So the day begins for me as a cash-in-transit driver. In the security center I get given in addition to a tour bag. Then I go through the tour schedule in the break room with my colleagues. We will check whether the Route is feasible, then s is also already up on the tank and into the airlock.

The lock is secured like a large Garage, only much better. Here we go with our armored car and store keys and valuables for the Route. I usually make trips to the ATM. For this we take ready-money cassettes.

There are also trade routes. Here we exchange deliver money for retail and the days with a take income. The so-called value logistics. We carry watches, jewelry or Gold. As millions come together quickly. Our Job, therefore, is of course risky. You know, from time to time from Raids on cash vans. Or that the vending machines are busted.

We protect each other from

In the case of the placement of ATMs, we are third-so basically to. One, of a bring the money to the machine, ensures the colleague or the colleague. I usually go as the First out of the car and look: here Is something strange, looks a bit suspicious. Then, my colleague, get the cassettes out of the car and I have to protect him on the way to the Bank.

While I restock the vending machines, holds, in turn, my colleague’s watch. We all have radios, so we can warn each other in case of emergency. Even if our driver sees something Suspicious, he says know. The weapon we are allowed to draw only in case of emergency. I’ve fortunately never. But it is good to know that it is there. Afraid I don’t have. But I’m aware of the risk, I know that always something can happen.

I enjoy the Job anyway. I like the technical aspect of the work to the machine. I’ll fix something, if it is stuck at the vending machine, or hooks.

a Lot of Bills instead of training

A proper training for my job. In principle, anyone can make that has a flawless Schufa, a clean criminal record and at least three years the driver’s license.

At the chamber of Commerce and industry it is necessary to take five days of classes, then there is the so-called 34a. The need to work in the security industry.


The Rest of you learn directly on the Job, and makes three days of the firearms license. There are two days of theory lessons. Then I wrote a check and on the firing range trained. After a few passes with a Revolver and a pistol, you should take the disc. I don’t know anyone who has not done that.

Every three months on the shooting range

professional, we are not, of course, to protect. The handling of the weapon, we continue to train and must go once per quarter to target practice.

At the beginning I was allowed to drive only the money Transporter. Since I have a weapons permit, I go on our trips, and always get out of the car, and take the goods, or deliver you: the money or the jewelry.

in addition to the beginners the contract workers also take advantage of the behind the wheel course. This is a Problem in the industry: the constant change in personnel in a very sensitive area. But we are simply too few employees, and there are people to come.

We are not appreciated in value

For our work, we get very little appreciation. This is not only a dangerous but also physically demanding Job. You know in the evening what you have done, if you hauled 600 pounds of hard money. Some suppose, therefore, still, the profession is not for women. But that doesn’t stop me.

What’s really annoying are the conditions in everyday life. We often have to work with defective materials, that keeps us insane. For example, if the printer is broken and we need to acknowledge the Money-receiving hand-written. Or if the Scanner hangs, we scan the Barcode on the seal of the money cassette.

warning strike for more money

Our employers is promising us for years a new device, but nothing happens. He takes everything as a matter of course: The Overtime, we are doing more and more often. Ten-hours-routes are now normal. And the work is always poet. Should we create more in a shorter period of time.

we get in the East 12,64 Euro hourly wage. In the West, depending on the state, up to 16,53 Euro gross. At the Moment we are in a warning strike for higher wages. We go around every day with money. But I don’t think we get enough of it, considering what we do on a daily basis and risk.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.