The adviser affair in the Ministry of defence is the case for the judiciary. According to SPIEGEL information, the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office shall examine whether the award of consultant contracts to the company Accenture by Ursula von der Leyens resort to the offence of infidelity meet.

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the Background is an anonymous criminal complaint against the Minister of defence of the Leyen (CDU), which was received by the end of 2018, the investigators.

The criminal complaint refers to a confidential report by the German Federal court of auditors, the digital projects of the Ministry in the value of EUR 19.5 million had been studied. The paper was one of the triggers of the consultant affair that want to educate the Opposition in a parliamentary Committee of inquiry.

In the Dossier, the controller outline is already clear that the infidelity is suspected. So, you do not indicate the Awarding of consultant contracts by the Ministry only as “inadmissible and granting illegal”, but come to the conclusion that “avoidable had incurred more expenditure in the order of magnitude of 1 Million Euro”. The Ministry needs to clarify who is the “economic damage”.

an Insider from the Ministry behind the ad?

According to the display, a “clear initial suspicion was solely given because of the report” for a community committed infidelity. The display is directed against von der Leyen personally, because an Institution like the defense Department may not be displayed, but only the politically responsible Minister.

In the display are levied serious allegations against von der Leyen. So the Minister had either “aware of events” or “due to a lack of control and organization made possible, that in your Ministry such assets were held damage intentionally”.

Who has created the display, is unknown. Since the Text of the classified report of the Federal court attached, it could be an Insider from the Ministry.

The defense Department had made to the court at the end of the year, an extensive opinion. The home admits breaches of the procurement law, rejecting an infidelity suspicion. Damage was therefore “not detectable”.

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