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The Brexit agreement in London for political Chaos, but also in the so far United forces of the EU miss the sounds to come: The European Parliament must also agree to how the British house of Commons the Deal at the end, calls vehemently more say. This should not happen, could vote in the EU members at the end of may, even against the withdrawal of the contract.

This is from a letter to the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, to Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, the country is still up to the end of the year, the EU-presidency holds. Therein Tajani has sharply criticized the plans for the implementation of the withdrawal agreement. The rules for the participation of the Parliament were “unacceptable,” reads the Letter from the 7. December, which is the MIRROR.

criticism on the mighty Brexit-Committee

Tajani stresses that he is with this view alone: The theme had been discussed the day before by the group leaders of the EU Parliament. There prevails a Consensus, confirmed by Elmar Brok, a member of the Brexit-control group of the Parliament. “The Parliament will have sufficient influence,” said the CDU politician. The consensus in the steering group, composed of representatives of the Christian Democrats, Greens, Left, liberals and social Democrats.

Antonio Tajani

The criticism is mainly directed against the powerful Position of the “joint Committee” composed of representatives of the EU and the UK. This so-called Joint Committee for the implementation and application of the exit contract is responsible. But not only that, It is also allowed to single-handedly decide whether the transition period is extended, while the United Kingdom a member of the EU without voting after the Brexit first practical rights. Also, the Protocol to the Ireland and Northern Ireland, which contains the controversial catch-all solution to avoid a new hard limit, could tilt the Committee in whole or in part. And, without consulting the EU Parliament, as Tajani criticized in his letter to Short.

Brok: “the question of participation is for us a condition”

For Irritation in Tajani-bearing, apparently, his wishes were ignored and simply. The Italians had already emphasised at the end of November in a speech before the EU heads of state and government that the Parliament must be consulted on major developments. As an example, he cited specifically the extension of the transitional phase.

But no two weeks later, on 5. In December, the Commission presented its proposal for the conclusion of the exit contract stating that the members received only an annual report on the implementation of the withdrawal agreement and otherwise to watch would be how the hell Tajani criticized. He suggests in his letter to Short, therefore, to expand the document to a clause, which gives Parliament more say.

that Shouldn’t happen, threatens Trouble: Brok does not exclude explicitly that the deputies in this case, at the time of acceptance of the exit contract cross. “The question of participation”, said the CDU-politician, “is in the ratification procedure for a condition.”

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