The Video of his fall has looked at Daniel Albrecht often, very often. For the first Time in the rehab, several months after the accident. The Doctors had tried in vain to get him to stop, they warned, it could be too much for him. And that he can’t handle it. But Daniel Albrecht wanted to know what had happened, how it could come to this accident.

He wanted to see it with my own eyes. These seconds that changed his life. The Moment, when the lining was dropped.

What is he at the time felt? And what he feels today when he sees the scenes? “Nothing. Nothing at all,” says Daniel Albrecht. “No Feelings. Zero. I had and have no emotional connection to this day. This day is completely erased in my memory.”

Albrecht missed a ground wave

This day was the 22. January 2009. Last training run for the Hahnenkamm downhill two days later. Start Point 5: Daniel Albrecht, Switzerland. In 2007, Albrecht was the world champion in the combination, the current season, until then the strongest of his career, two victories in the giant slalom, Sölden, Alta Badia. And also in the downhill, he was getting better and better.

On this day, raced Albrecht from the mountain edge over the Traverse direction of the target shot. On the monitors, the speed was displayed in kilometres per hour, the pace increased steadily. 123,8. 130,6. 133,5. At 138,2 Albrecht set for the last jump. He saw a small bump in the road, in the air, the torso straightened up, against the wind caused a slight boost.

rescue workers provide Albrecht

In reserve rowed Albrecht helpless with the poor, 80 meters wide, he flew through the air, five feet above the ground, then he crashed with the back and the back of the head on the icy Piste and remained motionless. In this long list of consequences of major accidents on the Streif at the worst, the background falls. Today, Daniel Albrecht says: “Small mistake, big effect. But it looked quite spectacular.”

said To a piece of meat he Audi

Albrecht came into the University clinic of Innsbruck, I was diagnosed with a skull-brain Trauma, a brain hemorrhage, a lung contusion, Albrecht was three weeks in a coma. When he woke up, not more and also his girlfriend, Kerstin, he realized his parents. By the time he tried to open the drawers in his memory. “But the drawers were all empty. I was like a white, blank sheet of paper.” Slowly, he learned the language again, even with the help of picture books. Animal names, for example. An Elephant. A Lion. And look, this is a butterfly.

Some things he brought, but also confused. To said one piece of meat, he Audi.

in addition to the language, but disappeared at the beginning of the feelings, how he should not be in this Kerstin as in love, if he knows you at all. “For you, this was a much worse time than me,” says Albrecht today. “You didn’t know if I’m going back to the man and the Partner who I was before. What I had though, was from the beginning a good feeling, when you came into the room. A sense that this person does well.”

skiing is easier for him as long to talk

for Months, Albrecht fought his way back to life and on the ski slopes. In December 2010, he made his Comeback in the world Cup, but it was not tough, for the whole of the front of it was enough. An internal ligament, and the Luxation of the kneecap after a fall in downhill training in Lake Louise in November 2012, the career meant the end.

Today, Daniel Albrecht lectures at seminars keeps, the theme is always the same: Never despair, fight back give up, never, no matter what the situation. Too many lectures there are, however, Albrecht says, the Talk and Talk the case it is hard for him still. “I was never a talented speaker, but since the accident it will cost me even more strength and energy. I must speak very, very aware, very focused, which is why I’m always very fast, and very tired. Things were, however, earlier automated, I always fall slightly.” Skiing is easier for him than to speak for a long time.

Albrecht (2008)

“In the case of the grazing is to me. it warms the heart”

For his fashion collection, “Albright”, he has now been sold to a Swiss sportswear company, he is as an Ambassador on the road, and he stands in front of the camera As in these days in Kitzbühel for the Swiss television. 10. Anniversary of the horror fall.

It would be understandable, would Albrecht hate the stripe, he would be angry at her, because she has robbed him of many good years in the sport of skiing, he was only 25 at the time, without the accident he would, perhaps, be still. Albrecht says: “I loved this track, and I like them today. The lining will warm my heart.”

At the favorite Daniel Albrecht is at home in his house in the home town of Fiesch in the Canton of Valais. At home with his family. Its Kerstin. The two married in the summer of 2012, her daughter Maria is now two years old. “I want to spend as much time with them as possible,” says Albrecht. “And it is wonderful to see how my daughter every day, developed further, step by step. This is a great Parallel between you now and me ten years ago.”

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